Joseph Logan (1823-1893): additional information

Paulette Johnson-Powell added additional information about the Joseph Logan line in an email to several of the researchers who have helped along the way and/or who are researching this line. I’m lightly editing that portion of Paulette’s email, with her permission, for the Logan Connections website:

“I can tell you beyond a doubt that Nancy/Nannie Logan was a daughter of Joseph Logan (b. 11/11/1823 York, SC – d. 4/25/1893 Cherokee County, AL).  Joseph was married two times.  The first was to E. Caroline Francis Stroup and the second was to Catherine Lankford.  He had six children with E. Caroline:  (1) Martha Jane Logan Lankford (2) Fanny S Logan Helton (3) Anacondie “Anna/Mandy” Logan Kines (4) George Washington  Logan (5) Benjamin Logan (6) Nancy/Nannie Logan Wood.
Joseph and Catherine had seven children:  (1) Josephus L Logan (2) Lucy Logan (3) Charles Henry Logan (4) Abraham “Abe” Helton Logan (5) Reuben “Riley” Wright Logan (6) Josephine “Josie” Logan Mobley (7) William M Logan.
The only possible child that Joseph had that some might disagree with, was his and E. Caroline’s son, Benjamin Logan.  Almost all of the trees in Ancestry have his parents as Andres J. (Jackson) Logan and Sarah Ann Thompson.  They are wrong!  There is a span in his life from 1880 when he was 10 yrs old, until he married on 9 Dec 1900, that I have been unable to find him.  The trees that are wrong have him listed as Benjamin W. Logan.  He is listed like this in the 1860 Census.  They also have Benjamin W. digging for gold in CA in 1888, 1890, 1896.  In Mar 1900 they have him living in Los Angeles, CA.  On 9 Dec 1900 they have him marrying Sallie Treadway, who was the wife to my Benjamin Logan.
Looking at the Cedartown Standard 2/23/1922, there is a one liner that says, “Mrs. Mae Merritt, of your city, spent the week-end here as the guest of her Aunt, Mrs. M. C. Wood”.  Mrs. Mae Merritt was Ida Mae Logan, Benjamin and Sallie’s oldest child.  Mrs. M.C. Wood was Nancy/Nannie Logan Wood, Benjamin’s sister.  Additionally, a descendant of Benjamin and Sallie has taken a DNA test and he matches [a known descendant] with 260.9 cM, 2.9 gens.  I am very confident I have the right Benjamin Logan.

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