Breaking DNA news about Anna “Annie” BIAS LOGAN, wife of Reverend Joseph LOGAN

We have exciting news to share! And an incredible matrilineal descent story to boot. This is all thanks to intrepid researchers and genetic genealogists, Patrick Logan and Tracy Lynn Kaufman-Drane. I’ll turn this over to Patrick now to reveal what he and Tracy have discovered and how it was done.

Anna Bias(Byars) – Logan mtDNA Haplogroup found
We’ve recently been able to determine the mtDNA Haplogroup of our progenitor Anna Bias wife of Rev. Joseph Logan d. 1812 Warren County, Kentucky.
I’ve been a Logan researcher for twenty years and got into the DNA aspect five years ago. I’ve personally taken every test available on myself and manage kits for about thirty family members. I’ve matched over 1,800 autosomal DNA matches to our common MRCAs (Most Recent Common Ancestor), almost 300 of these being Logan descendants.
Recently I came across a match to myself of 6C1R on GEDmatch and made a note. I later found the same match on AncestryDNA and had an epiphany. This wonderful woman had the rare distinction of being a direct matrilineal descendant of our Anna Bias – Logan. She is the 6th Great Granddaughter of Anna, but her connection is all through females. Daughters to daughters to daughters through 8 generations! She is the only one I’ve ever come across and I’m actively looking!
I reached out to her around Thanksgiving and learned she is also an avid researcher and genetic genealogist. She however had never fully tested her mitochondrial DNA but had a ballpark idea from 23 & Me testing. She graciously volunteered to test and her wonderful husband provided the kit as a birthday gift around the same time. The stars were aligning.
This week her results came back. Drum roll….
mtDNA Haplogroup: H1bb
I’d like you to meet fellow Logan descendant and avid researcher Tracy Lynn Kaufman – Drane.
Below is her descent from Joseph and Anna Logan
1. Anna BIAS (BYARS) b.1750
2. MahalaLOGANb.1779
3. Mahala(Messiniah)DODSONb.1815
4. LouisaFrancisWRIGHTb.1838
5. MargaretMysainahLYLESb.1861
6. MaudeLouTAYLORb.1891
7. NaomiRuthMCCURDYb.1914
8. EdithLeeKINGb.1938
9. Tracy Lynn KAUFMAN b.1967
Please join me in extending a heartfelt thanks to Tracy and welcome her to our research family.
Thank you Tracy!

2 thoughts on “Breaking DNA news about Anna “Annie” BIAS LOGAN, wife of Reverend Joseph LOGAN

  1. Notes:
    -Mahala Logan, daughter of Rev. Joseph Logan and Anna “Annie” Bias Logan, was the sister of Zachariah Logan.
    -There is information in the “Logan Connections” book from Joseph and Anna Logan on down to the Lyles family.


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