Welcome to the Logan Connections web site. This site will be used to post updates and information about the Logan Connections: Genealogy, History and DNA by Michael Jones, as well as other information, historic photos and more relating to the families of:

  • William Logan of Spotsylvania County, Virginia, and his four sons, William, Joseph, John, and Thomas: the four Logan brothers at the Revolutionary War Battle of Kings Mountain
  • Drury Logan and Sarah Moore of North Carolina
  • William Logan and Joanna Cason of South Carolina and Louisiana
  • Reuben Logan and Elizabeth Ingle of Tennessee and Missouri

The book details the Logans who share a common ancestor on Limb 2 of the Logan DNA Project of the Pre1800 Logan Group and allied families.

  • Over 2,500 pages
  • Two volumes
  • More than 500 family profiles
  • Hard cover
  • Every name index
  • Photographs and documents
  • Hundreds of surnames
  • Interesting supplementary information

Click to view a complete list of allied family names.

Order the book:

To order a book, you can download and print a pdf of the order form and mail a check to the address listed on the form.

Contact the author:

To contact the author with questions or comments about the book or Logan family genealogy, please use the contact form below.


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