A BIG stocking stuffer….

The holidays are nearly here. What a perfect time to give a gift of Logan Connections. Consider a legacy gift for grandparents, parents, children, aunts and uncles, and cousins: a 17-pound gift that keeps on giving.


Book update

Several people have asked how many Logan Connections are left to purchase (thinking about a legacy gift for children and grandchildren now too young, Christmas or birthday gifts, sponsoring books for libraries and genealogical societies, etc.).

We have 104 books left. However, some of those already are spoken for for next Christmas. The actual number of available books not earmarked is 97.

A tidbit about DNA….

Naturally, we genies are interested in the rapidly-expanding science of DNA: how we become who we are over time, thanks to our ancestors. But here’s an interesting tidbit about genetics from the book Cafe Neandertal — Excavating Our Past in One of Europe’s Most Ancient Places by Beebe Bahrami (2017): “Humans share 18 percent of their DNA in common with plants, 26 percent with yeast, 44 percent with fruit flies, 92 percent with mice, 98 percent with chimpanzees, and 99.7 percent with Neandertals.” As Bahrami says: “Its a different sort of family tree, one on the full tree of life. It tells us how interconnected we are with all life on earth….”

Updated family information regarding Kate Logan Tate (Evans) and Robert Tate

Dana Darnell has shared some updated information. In “Logan Connections,” we have Catherine “Kate” Logan, daughter of James W. Logan and Eveline / Evaline Wilson Logan, marrying Charles E. Evans. This is correct. However, we didn’t know that Kate Logan had an earlier marriage to Robert Tate. (She married Charles E. Evans in 1905.)

Evaline “Eva” Tate, born 29 April 1900, was the child of Kate Logan Tate and Robert Tate. (Eva is listed as “Eva Evans” in the 1910 and 1920 Union County, Illinois, Federal censuses.)

Evaline “Eva” Tate married Hosea Darnell from Cobden, Union County, Illinois. She died 7 December 1991.

yimg-399814319-9002--321002327-1 2

Photograph of Evaline “Eva” Tate Darnell, furnished by Dana Darnell.

Evaline Lee Tate Darnell’s tombstone, Oak Hill Cemetery, Taylorville, Christian County, Illinois, furnished by Dana Darnell