#@$%^&@ you, Auto-correct! It’s Permelia, not perihelia.

Auto-correct is a wonderful thing. Except when it isn’t. This is a roundabout way of saying that auto-correct caused a few hiccups with some names in Logan Connections. We caught most of these bloopers, but not all.

The name at hand is Permelia, a once-popular name which graces numerous pages of Logan Connections. However, auto-correct has decided that this perfectly fine name should be “Perihelia” not Permelia. Please make that mental correction as you run across our many Permelias. Thanks for your understanding.


Corrections and updates: Rendleman family

We have some corrections and updates to the Rendleman family in Logan Connections:

  • Page 2050: Top photograph: The brothers are, in order, Howard (twin), Lewis, Paul, Glynn, and Bill Rendleman (twin).
  • Page 2058: On the chart, Helen Euvera Rendleman’s date of death should be 2001, not 2006. She died 14 JULY 2001 in Cape Girardeau, Missouri. Everett Lloyd Newman should be Everett LEROY Newman. They married in HERRIN, Illinois, not Jonesboro. They are both buried in Cape County Memorial Park, Cape Girardeau, Missouri.
  • LaWanda Lucille Rendleman died 1 January 2007.
  • Paul Laverne Rendleman married Mildred “Jo” WILSON.

Our thanks to Shirl Seabaugh for the additions and corrections!