Photograph believed to be of Benjamin Franklin Logan (B.F. Logan), Cleveland County, NC, 1872

I recently purchased the following photograph (tintype) on eBay. The label on the back reads: “Sheriff Cleveland 1872.” The sheriff in Cleveland County, NC, in 1872 was B.F. (Benjamin Franklin) Logan. B.F. Logan and his family are covered in detail in “Logan Connections.”

My plan is to donate the photo to the Earl Scruggs Center in Shelby, Cleveland County, North Carolina, unless somebody has a better location to suggest. (I have been in close contact  with long-time correspondent, cousin, and dear friend, Betty Logan, formerly of Charlotte, NC,  who has been helping me run down potential sources for the photograph.)

Alternate suggestions are welcome:


BF Logan Sheriff 6.jpg

IMG_20180726_0001 3.jpg

And on a Musical Note….

This is from the Frank C. Brown Collection of North Carolina Folklore and features a song — “Old Rosin T. Beau” — sung by Elizabeth Logan Schinhan, learned from her father, George Herndon Logan, at Kings Mountain, Cleveland County, North Carolina.

Shared by Betty Logan, Elizabeth Logan Schinhan’s sister.

Scan 1.jpg