Photograph: Sisters Nell Logan (left) and Elizabeth Logan (right), Kings Mountain, Cleveland County, North Carolina, c. 1917

Nell and Elizabeth Logan were daughters of George Herndon Logan and Alma Gertrude Westbrook Logan. Nell Logan: 9 February 1912-21 November 1994; Elizabeth Logan: 6 October 1908-22 September 1972.

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Photograph courtesy of Nell and Elizabeth’s sister, Betty Logan


And on a Musical Note….

This is from the Frank C. Brown Collection of North Carolina Folklore and features a song — “Old Rosin T. Beau” — sung by Elizabeth Logan Schinhan, learned from her father, George Herndon Logan, at Kings Mountain, Cleveland County, North Carolina.

Shared by Betty Logan, Elizabeth Logan Schinhan’s sister.

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Obituary: Sarah “Sallie” Rowell Logan, spouse of Lt. David Jackson Logan, killed in Civil War, McConnellsville, York County, South Carolina, 1836-1904

Sarah “Sallie” Rowell, daughter of Benjamin D. Rowell and Elizabeth “Eliza” Catherine McFadden Rowell, was born 15 February 1836 in York County, South Carolina. She married David Jackson Logan, son of John Randolph Logan and Sarah Patterson Jackson Logan. He was killed by a sniper in the trenches surrounding Petersburg, Virginia, 18 June 1864. Sallie Rowell Logan died 26 April 1904. She and David Jackson Logan are buried at Bethesda Presbyterian Churchyard, York County, South Carolina.

(Note: David Jackson Logan’s first name and middle initial are incorrect below.)


Source: The Cleveland Star, Shelby, Cleveland County, North Carolina, 22 June 1904

Photograph: George Herndon Logan, teacher, Possum Trot School, near the Kings Mountain Battleground, Cherokee County, South Carolina

George Herndon Logan was the son of Leonidas Marion Logan and Elizabeth “Lizzie” Sarah Herndon Logan.  He’s the tallest person in the back row, center, below. Possum Trot School once stood on Possum Trot Road in Cherokee County, South Carolina. After seeing this photograph, several former students confirmed it to be Possum Trot School.


Photograph from The Kings Mountain Herald contributed by Betty Logan

Obituary: David Summey Ramseur, spouse of Sarah “Sallie” Logan Ramseur, member of Reconstruction Ku Klux Klan, Blacksburg, Cherokee County, South Carolina, 1851-1932

Sarah “Sallie” Logan, daughter of Benjamin F. Logan and Elizabeth “Janie” “Jennie” Hogue Logan, was born 9 October 1866 in Cleveland County, North Carolina.

David S. Ramseur, son of Frederick Summey Ramseur and Harriet ____ Ramseur, was born 10 October 1851 in Cleveland County, N.C. He was convicted of participating in a Ku Klux Klan terror raid during Reconstruction in which a Black man, Thomas Roundtree, was killed. Ramseur admitted participating in terrorizing Mr. Roundtree; however, he maintained he had no part in his execution. He pleaded guilty to conspiracy and served time in Federal prison. (There is detailed information on Ramseur’s Reconstruction Ku Klux Klan activities in Logan Connections.)


Greenville News, Greenville, Greenville County, South Carolina, 16 April 1932