Death certificate, William J. “Bay” Logan, Washington County, Illinois, 1927

This is thought to be the death certificate of William John “Bay” Logan, son of William Logan and Matilda Thaxton or Thackston Logan.

There are some uncertainties. Although we know — from Naomi Logan Bass, daughter of William Logan’s brother, Enoch F. Logan — that “Uncle Bay” … came to our house before my dad died and stayed a while. He was almost blind. Since Enoch Logan died in March of 1924, it could help explain why Naomi lost track of “Uncle Bay” until his death in 1927. Another uncertainty is that we can’t seem to find William J. Logan in a couple of censuses. He had been living in Cherokee County, Kansas, but his mother died there in 1897 and his father in 1905 at the Cherokee County Farm. We lose him for a time afterward.

Since William Logan was “almost blind” and had “muscular heart disease” for a year-and-a-half, it makes sense that he would have lived at the County Farm, the only “safety net” other than family prior to Franklin D. Roosevelt’s New Deal in the 1930s and 1940s.

William Logan died in 1927 and is buried at the Washington County Poor Farm Cemetery in Beaucoup Township, Washington County, Illinois. A large stone marker adjacent to a farmer’s field lists the occupants of the cemetery, including William; however, there are no individual markers and nothing to mark even the cemetery’s boundary.

(William J. Logan was called “Bay.” His brother, Drury Logan, was called “Boy.”)

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Death certificate: Dallas Marion Law, Belleville, St. Clair County, Illinois, 1890-1920

Dallas Marion Law married Mae Julia Williams, daughter of Grace Logan Williams and Ed Williams. Grace Logan was the daughter of Zachariah T. “Jess” “Jesse” Logan and Mary Emaline Gibson Logan.

Dallas Law’s death illustrates how deadly what today we consider to be minor health issues were before the invention of penicillin and other “miracle drugs.” An otherwise healthy young man 30 years old, he died of septicemia (sepsis) from an infected furuncle (basically, a boil) on his upper lip.

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Death certificate: Joshua Ewing Logan, Logan County, Kentucky, 1829-1913

Joshua Ewing Logan, son of Young Logan and Sarah “Sally” Graham Logan, was born 13 November 1829 in Allen County, Kentucky. Joshua E. Logan married Martha “Mattie” L. Green, daughter of John S. Green and Jane Morris Green, 8 March 1858 in Franklin, Simpson County, Kentucky.

Joshua E. Logan served as a private in Co. A, 52nd Regiment, Kentucky Mounted Infantry (Union), during the Civil War.

Mattie Green Logan died 16 June 1901 in Logan County, Kentucky. Joshua E. Logan died 21 June 1913. He and Mattie are buried in Logan Graveyard, Logan County, Kentucky.

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Death certificates, Lizzie Garrison Cummings, daughter of Zachariah M. “Cain” Garrison and Mary Lucinda Brock Garrison, 1874-1947, and Thomas Jefferson Cummings, 1866-1941

Elizabeth “Lizzie” Elnora Garrison was born in Augusta, Butler County, Kansas. She married Thomas Jefferson Cummings 1 March 1894. She died in Oklahoma City; however, her usual residence was Dewey, Washington County, Oklahoma.Scan 2.jpeg

Thomas Jefferson Cummings, son of John M. Cummings and Sallie Ann Strailer Cummings, was born in Weston, West Virginia. He died in Dewey, Washington County, Oklahoma. He and Lizzie Garrison Cummings are buried at Dewey Cemetery, Dewey, OK.

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