African DNA and our Logans

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This is a most interesting post and our thanks and appreciation to K. Dawson for her research. I’m just back today from vacation so I need to study this more before commenting. I invite our DNA specialists to help K. Dawson and all of us out further. Thank you.

William Logan (of the four brothers at the Battle of Kings Mountain) told his grandson, John Randolph Logan, that William’s …

My Family Finder DNA results have me connected to LOGANS. My GG Paternal GrandFather Jonathan D. Braswell born 1820 GA married JANE LOGAN, daughter of JAMES H LOGAN born about 1801 TN and CHARITY CRUCE. On my FTDNA and MyHeritage Chromosome Browsers the Logan ancestors of mine are hitting on Segment 20 in the SAME EXACT POSITIONS matching proven Jane Logan DNA familyfinder test cousins. Upon further research on the triangulated areas of segment 20 HALF of ALL match names falling on my Segment 20 with LOGAN’s in their trees have ZERO African DNA and HALF of them have up to 9.4% African DNA. I HAVE 9.4% African DNA and several of the match list names match my numbers EXACTLY! My LOGAN match names are ALL claiming RUTHERFORD NC LOGAN Lines (when known) the others are HENRY LOGAN born 1792 ABBEVILLE SC and ESOM LOGAN who married MARY ANN BYERS. Several have DAVID LOGAN Abbeville SC and ANDREW/ALEXANDER LOGAN lines also appear. OF course a lineage is only as good as the paper work that proves it. Somehwere on this LOGAN LINE out of RUTHERFORD NC there was an AFRICAN DNA event. It would seem to me that the line that STAYED in Rutherford NC has the African DNA and the line that left for ABBEVILLE SC is the one without the African DNA in it. The cousins on the JANE LOGAN (James H Logan/Charity Cruce) line DO NOT HAVE AFRICAN DNA (this is my GG Grandmother Jane Logan) BUT I HAVE AFRICAN DNA! The other half of the match names do have the same African percentage DNA on the same segment!! This means that my MATERNAL LINE also carries this LOGAN DNA (that DOES have the African DNA) and my Mother’s Entire family history NEVER LEFT Rutherford NC until she left in the 50’s! For over 250 years my Mother’s line lived in RUTHERFORD NC!! So LOGAN’s out there, there’s is a Logan line that is the SAME DNA LOGAN LINE, that split with part of that line in Rutherford NC having an African DNA event (marriage or otherwise) and then part of that line doesn’t have the African DNA in it!!


Death certificate, Frances Jane Bryant Forbes, Lawrence County, Missouri, 1852-1939

Frances Jane Bryant was the daughter of Jane Logan Bryant and Reuben Bryant. Jane Logan was the daughter of William Logan and Permelia Neece Logan. Frances was born 14 February 1852 in Lawrence County, Missouri. She married Josiah C. Forbes. He was a Civil War veteran: Wisconsin 5th Light Artillery Battery, U.S. (Union). He died in 1895. Frances Jane Bryant Forbes died 2 April 1939 in Lawrence County, Missouri.

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Logan: Tax lists, Allen County, Kentucky, 1815-1824

From: Earliest Tax Lists of Allen County, Kentucky 1815-1824, Martha Werst Jackson, 1990


  • Joshua Logan, 396 acres, Tramel Creek, 1 Black
  • Robert Logan, 66 acres, Tramel Creek, 1 Black
  • Zachariah Logan, 66 acres, Tramel Creek


  • Joshua Logan, 496 acres, Middle Fork, 1 Black
  • Robert Logan, 63 acres, Middle Fork, 1 Black
  • Zachariah Logan, 63 acres, Middle Fork


  • Joshua Logan, 146 acres, Tramel Fork, 1 Black
  • Zachariah Logan, 130 acres, Tramel Fork

1818: No extant tax lists for Allen County, Kentucky, for 1818.


  • Jane Logan
  • Joshua Logan, 66 acres, Tramel Fork, 1 Black
  • Robert Logan
  • Zachariah Logan, 133 acres, Tramel Fork


  • Joab Logan
  • Joshua Logan, 216 1/3 acres, Tramel Fork, 2 Blacks
  • Robert Logan, 136 acres, Tramel Fork, 1 Black
  • Zechariah Logan, 300 acres, Tramel Fork


  • Celia Logan, 2 Blacks
  • Joab Logan
  • Robert Logan, 66 acres, Tramel Creek; 150 acres, Middle Fork; 2 Town Lots, Scottsville


  • Celia Logan, 66 acres, Sulphur Fork, 2 Blacks, 2 children; 150 acres, Middle Fork
  • Joab Logan
  • S. Robert Logan, 133 acres, Sulphur Fork, 2 Blacks, 3 children


  • Celia Logan, 60 acres, Tramel Creek
  • J. Robert Logan, 135 acres, Tramel Creek, 1 Black
  • Jacob Logan
  • Robert Logan (Adm. of Joshua Logan, Dec’d), 150 acres, Middle Fork, 2 Blacks
  • Zachariah Logan, 450 acres, Tramel Creek


  • Robert Logan, 133 acres, Tramel Creek, 1 Black;  (For J. Logan, Dec’d), 140 acres, Middle Fork; Tramel Creek
  • Zachariah Logan, 454 acres, Tramel Creek