The Logans of Lawrence County, Missouri (continued)

The following from History of Lawrence County was first shared by researcher Ira Nickle many years ago.

Buchanan Logan: “William Logan had been here [Lawrence County, MO] but six years when Buchanan Logan was added to the family circle November 7, 1858….”

“In 1879 Mr. Logan … joined in marriage with Miss Mattie Slaughter, a daughter of Doctor Slaughter of Springfield, Missouri. They have two children, … Claude E. Logan, born September 13, 1881 … now residing on a farm near Logan with his wife who was Miss Leah Firestone, of Springfield, Missouri. they have two fine children, Morrow and Leah Helen.”

“The other is Oliver H. Logan who was born near Logan in 1888…. He is now married and has one child, Horace Oliver Logan….”

W.A.B. Logan: “… son of John Logan…. In addition to his other interests he owns a book and stationery store in Springfield with his son Lee in active charge. In 1883 Mr. Logan married Miss Mary E. Grubaugh…. They are now accompanied by two fond children, Lee E. Logan who joined them June 30, 1885. [He married] Miss Mabel Hill, a daughter of John R. Hill … of Jacksonville, Illinois, on August 12, 1908. They have one child … a little Christmas present on December 25, 1910, … whom they christened Harry Lee Logan.”

“Mr. W.A.B. Logan’s second child is Loren Logan, who arrived on the scene of action June 3, 1888…. He is … a painting contractor. On December 23, 1912, he and Miss Gertrude Darby, daughter of B.K. Darby, of Marionville, Missouri, joined hearts and hands … having one child, John Wyatt Logan, [born] October 16, 1913.”

Charles Ross Logan: Charles Ross Logan was born “May 18, 1883, [to] John Logan … at Logan, Missouri…. He made a specialty of fruit and berries and it is largely through his efforts and influence that the fruit and berry industry is so prosperous in that vicinity. In 1902 he was married to Leah Franklin, daughter of S.G. and Nannie (Austin) Franklin. She was born near Republic in Greene county, but … raised in Lawrence county. Four … children [were born]: Merwin, born February 21, 1904; George, born in March, 1910; Douglas … in May, 1912, and Charles … in April, 1914.”

Village of Logan, Missouri:  “Logan is a station on the ‘Frisco’ railroad, six miles east of Aurora, and is situate in section 25, Buck Prairie township. The place was laid out by William Logan in April, 1870….”

“… in a short time Logan Bros. [et al] were the merchants of the new trading point. For many years this was the shipping point for Mt. Vernon and Marionville….”



The Logans of Lawrence County, Missouri

The following excerpts are from History of Lawrence County, Missouri. This material was first sent to me by Logan researcher Ira Nickle many years ago.

William Logan: “… in 1852 he and his family landed in Lawrence county [from Lincoln County, Tennessee]. His father was Reuben Logan, who was one of the first settlers in Tennessee. His wife was Miss Parmelia Neece…. They were the parents of ten stalwart sons and three fair daughters, of whom six of the sons, Newton, Reuben, Wm. B., George W., Rev. B.F. and Buchanan, and one of the daughters, Mrs. Mary C. White, are still living.”

“Most of these remained in the vicinity … [but] in addition to those … many have gone forth to other states until Lawrence county now has Logan representatives from here to Texas and from the state of Washington to … New York … all of them … frequently return [to their beloved Ozark country] for a renewal of the pastoral spirit and celestial charm.”

John Logan: “He was born in Lincoln county, Tennessee, October 8, 1837…. He was married on April 3, 1860, to Miss Harriett Hendricks … as a result of this happy union there came ten children, all of whom are now living, and who were present at the time of his death … September 11, 1914. They are: W.A.B. Logan of Marionville; Mrs. Elizabeth Francis Stafford, of Green Forest, Arkansas; Belinda Florence Hays, of Springfield, Missouri; Tempa Caledonia Rainey, of Auburn, Washington; Mary Geneva Butler, of Springfield, Missouri; Jackson E.B. Logan, of Houston, Texas, and Charles Ross Logan, of Logan, Missouri.”

“During the Civil War he took the side of the rebellion and joined the Confederate army …. He was in the battle of Wilson Creek and … Little Rock, Arkansas, where he was wounded and captured … cast into the army prison at Alton, Illinois, where he remained for more than a year, when he was exchanged and … served until the close of operations.”

“On May 25, 1883, his wife died. … on April 1, 1884, [he] … united in marriage to Miss Julia Ann Stacy. To this union there was born one child, Etta Belle Killingsworth, who is living at Ash Grove, Missouri.”

“For about twenty years Mr. Logan conducted a store in Logan….”

Newton Logan: “The oldest living son of … William Logan, came to [Lawrence] county with his father when he was … ten…. He remained with his father on the farm until he was nineteen, at which time he enlisted in the Eleventh Missouri Infantry … a member of Company F under Captain Crockett Howard in Colonel Hunter’s regiment. He took part in the battles at Wilson Creek, Lexington, Pea Ridge and Prairie Grove, Arkansas. At that latter place on December 7, 1862, he lost his right leg, which totally disabled him for further service in the army. After he returned he farmed what he could, taught school and did such other things as he could find to do.”

“He … married … Miss Belinda Ashlock, daughter of Henry Ashlock … on January 12, 1862. To them were born four children: William Henry Logan, born in 1864, and now residing in Paris, Texas…. [;] Fannie Logan … wife of Harry H. Bloss … residing in Aurora, Missouri [;] Finis A. Logan, married to Miss Nina Arnold and living in Monett [;] George Benjamin Logan, married to Miss Coreta Murray … [living] in Monroe, Louisiana….”

To be continued….



Death certificate, Frances Jane Bryant Forbes, Lawrence County, Missouri, 1852-1939

Frances Jane Bryant was the daughter of Jane Logan Bryant and Reuben Bryant. Jane Logan was the daughter of William Logan and Permelia Neece Logan. Frances was born 14 February 1852 in Lawrence County, Missouri. She married Josiah C. Forbes. He was a Civil War veteran: Wisconsin 5th Light Artillery Battery, U.S. (Union). He died in 1895. Frances Jane Bryant Forbes died 2 April 1939 in Lawrence County, Missouri.

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