Photograph: Charles Logan and grandson in front of Cleveland County Historical Museum, Shelby, Cleveland County, North Carolina, 1991

The building was formerly the Cleveland County, North Carolina, courthouse. It now is the Earl Scruggs Center.

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Photograph contributed by Betty Logan


Obituary: Sarah “Sallie” Rowell Logan, spouse of Lt. David Jackson Logan, killed in Civil War, McConnellsville, York County, South Carolina, 1836-1904

Sarah “Sallie” Rowell, daughter of Benjamin D. Rowell and Elizabeth “Eliza” Catherine McFadden Rowell, was born 15 February 1836 in York County, South Carolina. She married David Jackson Logan, son of John Randolph Logan and Sarah Patterson Jackson Logan. He was killed by a sniper in the trenches surrounding Petersburg, Virginia, 18 June 1864. Sallie Rowell Logan died 26 April 1904. She and David Jackson Logan are buried at Bethesda Presbyterian Churchyard, York County, South Carolina.

(Note: David Jackson Logan’s first name and middle initial are incorrect below.)


Source: The Cleveland Star, Shelby, Cleveland County, North Carolina, 22 June 1904

Obituary: Harriet Emily Allison Logan, 1833-1905, “Cleveland Star,” Shelby, Cleveland County, N.C., 22 Nov. 1905

Harriet Emily Allison, daughter of Hugh Allison and Violet Barry Allison, was born 23 May or July 1833 in York District, South Carolina. She married John Randolph Logan — she was his second wife — in 1870. Emily Allison Logan died 16 November 1905. She and John R. Logan are buried at Sunset Cemetery, Shelby, Cleveland County, North Carolina.


Newspaper (28 July 1864) found in John Randolph Logan’s trunk of personal belongings: obituary of son, David Jackson Logan, killed at Petersburg, Virginia

A newspaper article containing the obituary of David Jackson Logan, son of John Randolph Logan, was found among memorabilia in an old trunk belonging to J.R. Logan. G. Randolph Logan, who found the article, was J.R. Logan’s grandson by J.R.’s second marriage. The trunk also contained some of J.R. Logan’s poems, old receipts, etc. and some letters to pastors written when he was preparing biographical sketches for his book, Sketches, Historical and Biographical, of the Broad River and King’s Mountain Baptist Associations: From 1800 to 1882, printed in 1887. Betty Logan shared the article (below) from The Shelby Daily Star of 1 February 1965.

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