Some Byars information, Warren County, Tennessee

One of the intriguing places where Byars families — a name closely allied with our Logans — is found is Warren County, Tennessee. We also find numerous Cantrells there. Some of the Cantrell family were affiliated with pioneer Baptist preacher John Hightower in South Carolina, then Hightower and several Cantrells moved to Warren and Logan County, Kentucky, where Hightower worked with Baptist ministers Joseph Logan and Alexander Devin. Later still, some of these SC-KY Cantrells moved to Warren County, Tennessee.

There was a branch of the Dodsons in Warren County, TN, too. The Charles Dodson family, which moved to Warren County, Kentucky (part of which later became Allen County) from South Carolina, as did the Logans. The Dodsons and Logans intermarried in south-central Kentucky and were co-religionists as well as neighbors and friends.

As you can see, I haven’t been able to sort out all these Warren County, Tennessee, threads yet. Is there something to all this or was Warren County, Tennessee, simply an attractive pass-through area and these are coincidental occurrences?

In searching for information, I found the following tidbit in The Dodson Family of Warren County, Tennessee and Allied Families by Catherine Gaffin Lynn. If any of you have done some Logan or Byas/Bias/Byars/Byers work on Warren County, Tennessee, and the tangle of migrations and families, please let us know. We’d be happy to post it. There is additional information in Logan Connections on Nathan Byars, Cantrells, Delphy Logan Byars, Bethells, and more.

James Dodson Evans (Big Jim) m. Dec. 7, 1852 to Drucillah H. Byars b. Oct. 28, 1835 d. March 19, 1909, dau. of Nathan Byars b. Dec. 27, 1808 d. Jan. 12, 1894 and Nancy Hand Byars b. Mar. 12, 1812 d. Sept. 9, 1887. They had 7 children who are listed in Lynn’s book.

I didn’t find any Logans listed in Lynn’s book.


History Thought of the Day: Revolutionary War

Drury Logan served in the Revolutionary War as did the four Logan brothers, William, Joseph, John, and Thomas. But in backcountry North and South Carolina, where our Logans lived, the war didn’t affect only soldiers and militia. Women and children were impacted as well — by destruction of crops,  livestock, farms, and houses; terror and intimidation; split families, communities, and churches; fleeing as refugees; and, occasionally, torture, wounds, and death. Here’s some “big picture” information about the Revolutionary War:

  • “The dislocated proportion of the American population exceeded that of the French in their revolution.”
  • The economic decline in the U.S. after the Revolutionary war lasted fifteen years. It was “a crisis unmatched until the Great Depression of the 1930s.”
  • “Patriots … kept one-fifth of Americans enslaved.”
  • After the Revolutionary War, “60,000 dispossessed Loyalists became refugees.”
  • “During the revolution, Americans suffered more upheaval than any other American generation, save that which experienced the Civil War of 1861 to 1865.”

Source: American Revolutions — A Continental History, 1750-1804, Alan Taylor, 2016

Charles Dodson Bible, owned and transcribed by Mrs. J.H. Jackson, Franklin, Kentucky: births, marriages, and deaths

Mahala Logan, daughter of Joseph Logan and Anna “Annie” Bias Logan, married Dillingham Dodson, son of Charles Dodson and Lucy Morgan Dodson. Joseph Logan and Charles Dodson were coreligionists in South Carolina, then later in Warren County, Kentucky (including the portion now Allen County).

Later descendants, Joab L. Logan, son of Zachariah Logan and Margaret “Peggy” Brown Logan, and Telitha Dodson, daughter of Mahala Logan Dodson and Dillingham Dodson, married in 1838 in Allen County, Kentucky. Mahala and Zachariah Logan were siblings. Joab L. Logan and Telitha Dodson were cousins.

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Are you researching CHEW in VA? CHORPENNING in PA & IL? COULTER in IL? DODSON in SC and KY and AL and TN? These are some of the “allied families & significant others” in “Logan Connections.”

Allied Families and Significant Others, part 2:

  • Chew family in Spotsylvania County, Virginia — Primarily Larkin and Thomas Chew references
  • David Chorpenning and Sophia Bomden — From Fayette County, Pennsylvania to Washington County, Illinois
  • John Chorpenning — From Fayette or Somerset County, Pennsylvania, to Washington County, Illinois
  • Archibald Coulter and his three wives — Born in South Carolina, Archibald Coulter moved to southern Illinois where he was a highly successful miller (St. Clair County). Later, he moved his milling business to DeWitt County, Illinois.
  • Charles Dodson and Lucy Morgan — Charles Dodson was born in Virginia. He married Lucy Morgan in (probably) North Carolina. They lived in Pendleton District, South Carolina. Charles was a minister at Keowee Church, a church Joseph Logan also was affiliated with. Charles and Lucy and their family moved to Warren County, Kentucky, the portion that later became Allen County. The Dodsons and Logans were co-religionists and neighbors and the families intermarried.
  • Elisha Jefferson Dodson and Betsy G. Wren and Jane Elizabeth Blackwell — Elisha was born in North Carolina. He received a Grant South of Green River in Warren County, Kentucky, in 1799. He later moved to Madison County, Alabama, then later to Marshall County, Tennessee.

Dillingham Dodson and Thomas W. Oliver land, Allen County, Kentucky, 1824

Dillingham Dodson, son of Charles Dodson and Lucy Morgan Dodson, was born along the Keowee River in South Carolina 10 June 1777. Dillingham Dodson married Mahala Logan, daughter of Joseph Logan and Anna “Annie” Bias Logan in Pendleton District (assumed), South Carolina, 27 September 1799. Dillingham and Mahala moved to Warren County, Kentucky, around 1800-1803. In 1815, Allen County, Kentucky, was created out of the area where Dillingham, Mahala, and their children lived.

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Drury Logan land (also son-in-law, Robert Given’s land), Nixon Township, DeWitt County, Illinois, 1875

Drury Logan was the son of Zachariah Logan and Margaret “Peggy” Brown Logan. He was born circa 1823 in Allen County, Kentucky. Drury Logan married Sarah Ann Lyons, daughter of James Lyons and Jane Elder Lyons. Sarah Ann Lyons was born in South Carolina circa 1823. Drury, Sarah, and several other families from southern Illinois moved to DeWitt County, Illinois, in 1865. Among them were Sarah E. Logan Given(s) and her husband, Robert Given(s). Robert’s brother, William Given(s), also bought land. The DeWitt County Atlas entry is from 1875. Sarah Ann Lyons Logan died in 1874. In 1875, Drury and two of his surviving children moved to Butler County, the to Cowley County, Kansas.

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William Guy: Statement of Washington Guy, Simpson County, Kentucky, 1898

From the Eugene Scott Brown papers, Simpson County Historical Society, Simpson County, Kentucky (transcription below)

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Sidebar note: Statement of Wash Guy made Aug 1898

Wm Guy was born in South Carolina on the ___ day of ___ 1799 & moved to Allen co. Ky with his father Wm Guy at 8 years of age and settled on Trammel Creek on abt 1 [mile?] of sd Creek on adjoining farm to Posey W. Justice where he remained till he died on or about 1885. Was a farmer & stock raiser & owned abt 300 acres of land some bottom on Trammel or a Creek running into Trammel.

His wife was Phebe Hinton daughter of Jerry Hinton from Va who lived on & cleared nearly all the land from the Tom J. Settle place to the widow Harrck? Lyles place on Franklin Road & died on Buck Creek near Buck Creek Church many years ago – 50 or more.

Said Wm Guy had sons & daughters as follows:

Ervin Lee Washington Guy – born 5 Mch 1820 & still living

Eliza – married Wm Guy son of Richard Guy & lives in Perry co. Ill. had 11 sons & daughters 1822

Benj. Walker Died some 15 to 20 ys ago in Allen co. – Was twice married 18__

Wm Shelby — died at 14 — 18__

Larkin Jasper – born 18__

Martha married a Harris & died in abt 5 ys. 18__

Pheby Adaline married a Walthall & died in Tex. 18__

Jerry Newton born 18__ & died at Guy’s Store Tex

Nancy 18__ Married Jacob Goodnight son of old Isaac

Hise died at about 12 ys of age 18__

Said Wm Guy was Constable of Allen Co. one term or about that.

Never joined any church – Never expressed any preference between Methodist & Baptist & joined none. His father was a Methodist and his mother a Baptist Used to ask a blessing at table and regarded himself commited[?].

Was strong friend of Daniel Walker & Tom C. Mulligan who used to visit him often.

Transcribed by Mike Jones. Corrections invited and welcomed.