Breaking DNA news about Anna “Annie” BIAS LOGAN, wife of Reverend Joseph LOGAN

We have exciting news to share! And an incredible matrilineal descent story to boot. This is all thanks to intrepid researchers and genetic genealogists, Patrick Logan and Tracy Lynn Kaufman-Drane. I’ll turn this over to Patrick now to reveal what he and Tracy have discovered and how it was done.

Anna Bias(Byars) – Logan mtDNA Haplogroup found
We’ve recently been able to determine the mtDNA Haplogroup of our progenitor Anna Bias wife of Rev. Joseph Logan d. 1812 Warren County, Kentucky.
I’ve been a Logan researcher for twenty years and got into the DNA aspect five years ago. I’ve personally taken every test available on myself and manage kits for about thirty family members. I’ve matched over 1,800 autosomal DNA matches to our common MRCAs (Most Recent Common Ancestor), almost 300 of these being Logan descendants.
Recently I came across a match to myself of 6C1R on GEDmatch and made a note. I later found the same match on AncestryDNA and had an epiphany. This wonderful woman had the rare distinction of being a direct matrilineal descendant of our Anna Bias – Logan. She is the 6th Great Granddaughter of Anna, but her connection is all through females. Daughters to daughters to daughters through 8 generations! She is the only one I’ve ever come across and I’m actively looking!
I reached out to her around Thanksgiving and learned she is also an avid researcher and genetic genealogist. She however had never fully tested her mitochondrial DNA but had a ballpark idea from 23 & Me testing. She graciously volunteered to test and her wonderful husband provided the kit as a birthday gift around the same time. The stars were aligning.
This week her results came back. Drum roll….
mtDNA Haplogroup: H1bb
I’d like you to meet fellow Logan descendant and avid researcher Tracy Lynn Kaufman – Drane.
Below is her descent from Joseph and Anna Logan
1. Anna BIAS (BYARS) b.1750
2. MahalaLOGANb.1779
3. Mahala(Messiniah)DODSONb.1815
4. LouisaFrancisWRIGHTb.1838
5. MargaretMysainahLYLESb.1861
6. MaudeLouTAYLORb.1891
7. NaomiRuthMCCURDYb.1914
8. EdithLeeKINGb.1938
9. Tracy Lynn KAUFMAN b.1967
Please join me in extending a heartfelt thanks to Tracy and welcome her to our research family.
Thank you Tracy!

Some Byars information, Warren County, Tennessee

One of the intriguing places where Byars families — a name closely allied with our Logans — is found is Warren County, Tennessee. We also find numerous Cantrells there. Some of the Cantrell family were affiliated with pioneer Baptist preacher John Hightower in South Carolina, then Hightower and several Cantrells moved to Warren and Logan County, Kentucky, where Hightower worked with Baptist ministers Joseph Logan and Alexander Devin. Later still, some of these SC-KY Cantrells moved to Warren County, Tennessee.

There was a branch of the Dodsons in Warren County, TN, too. The Charles Dodson family, which moved to Warren County, Kentucky (part of which later became Allen County) from South Carolina, as did the Logans. The Dodsons and Logans intermarried in south-central Kentucky and were co-religionists as well as neighbors and friends.

As you can see, I haven’t been able to sort out all these Warren County, Tennessee, threads yet. Is there something to all this or was Warren County, Tennessee, simply an attractive pass-through area and these are coincidental occurrences?

In searching for information, I found the following tidbit in The Dodson Family of Warren County, Tennessee and Allied Families by Catherine Gaffin Lynn. If any of you have done some Logan or Byas/Bias/Byars/Byers work on Warren County, Tennessee, and the tangle of migrations and families, please let us know. We’d be happy to post it. There is additional information in Logan Connections on Nathan Byars, Cantrells, Delphy Logan Byars, Bethells, and more.

James Dodson Evans (Big Jim) m. Dec. 7, 1852 to Drucillah H. Byars b. Oct. 28, 1835 d. March 19, 1909, dau. of Nathan Byars b. Dec. 27, 1808 d. Jan. 12, 1894 and Nancy Hand Byars b. Mar. 12, 1812 d. Sept. 9, 1887. They had 7 children who are listed in Lynn’s book.

I didn’t find any Logans listed in Lynn’s book.

Charles Dodson Bible, owned and transcribed by Mrs. J.H. Jackson, Franklin, Kentucky: births, marriages, and deaths

Mahala Logan, daughter of Joseph Logan and Anna “Annie” Bias Logan, married Dillingham Dodson, son of Charles Dodson and Lucy Morgan Dodson. Joseph Logan and Charles Dodson were coreligionists in South Carolina, then later in Warren County, Kentucky (including the portion now Allen County).

Later descendants, Joab L. Logan, son of Zachariah Logan and Margaret “Peggy” Brown Logan, and Telitha Dodson, daughter of Mahala Logan Dodson and Dillingham Dodson, married in 1838 in Allen County, Kentucky. Mahala and Zachariah Logan were siblings. Joab L. Logan and Telitha Dodson were cousins.

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Keowee River Baptist Church: Joseph Logan, 1791, and Charles Dodson, 1800

Keowee Church was constituted by Elders Joseph Logan and ___ Hargiss. The meeting house was from “Old Keowee Fort, on Keowee River, … about one and a half miles from the river.” (“History of Baptist Churches,” Southern Watchman and General Intelligencer, 24 March 1837, posted at Pickens County, South Carolina, Genealogy, 2002)

Historian Frederick Van Clayton notes that there was no Anglo-American settlement in this area until after the American Revolution when it was taken from the Cherokee, who had allied themselves with the British: “Very few settlers came here until 1784 … [when] the Settlement Act was passed which provided for [land grants] in this newly acquired territory. However, previous to 1784 a few people did settle in this territory, and they may be termed … ‘Squatters’, for they did not have a grant for their land, but in all probability had filed their intention with the State government that they would take out a grant when they were able to pay for same, or when the State government passed such laws as would enable them to get good titles to the land.” Joseph Logan was one of these early squatters.                                               (“History of the Keowee River Baptist Church,” Frederick Van Clayton, transcribed by Lois E. Branch, 2000,

The first minister of Keowee Church was Joseph Logan in 1791. In the listing of the ministers of Keowee Church, Van Clayton notes “squatter” beside Logan’s name. Joseph Logan was also the delegate to church associational meetings. Church membership was 17.

Records are incomplete until 1794 when Joseph Logan is no longer a minister or delegate. But in 1800 Charles Dodson was the delegate from Keowee Church to Baptist associational meetings. (“History of the Keowee River Baptist Church II,” Frederick Van Clayton, transcribed by Lois E. Branch, 2000,

Joseph Logan’s daughter, Mahala Logan, would later marry Charles Dodson’s son, Dillingham Dodson. Both the Logan and Dodson extended families would move to Warren County, Kentucky.

Marriage bond for Alexander Devin and Suckey / Sukey / Suke / Sueky Nowlin, Pittsylvania County, Virginia, 1791

J.H. Spencer, in A History of Kentucky Baptists, refers to Joseph Logan, John Hightower, and Alexander Devin as “the master builders” of Baptist churches in early south-central Kentucky. Logan, Devin, and Hightower worked together, often taking turns serving the pulpit in churches they helped constitute.

Below is the marriage bond for Alexander Devin and Suckey Nowlin. (Sueky / Suckey / Sukey / Suky / Suke / Sucky is a nickname for Susan or Susanna.) Because of the importance of each of these Baptist “master builders” and their interconnection, there are profiles in Logan Connections about Devin and HIghtower as well as Joseph Logan.

Devin moved from Pittsylvania County, Virginia, to Warren County, Kentucky, then later to Gibson County, Indiana Territory. J.H. Spencer in his history quotes a letter Devin wrote to Joseph Logan around 1808-1810. Alexander Devin was a member of the Indiana Constitutional Convention in 1816, helping write Indiana’s state constitution. Alexander Devin died in 1827 and Sueky Nowlin Devin in 1840. They are buried in Warnock Cemetery, Princeton, Gibson County, Indiana.

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Source: Pittsylvania County, Virginia, Marriage Bond Book 1, page 14

Are you searching for the Gass surname in southern IL? How about Harland in southern IL, later Washington County, IA? Given(s) in Washington County, IL? Or Graham in Pendleton District, SC, later Warren and Allen County, KY?

These are some of the “Allied Families and Significant Others” highlighted in Logan Connections.

  • Daniel Gass and Hanchen (various spellings) — Daniel Gass was born in either Prussia or Saxony, Germany. Hanchen — Americanized as Joanna or Hannah — was born in either Prussia or Hannover, Germany. After immigrating to the U.S., they lived first in Randolph County, then Perry County, Illinois. Three Gass sons married three Logan daughters.
  • A Gass daughter, Emma, married Thomas Jefferson Harland in Perry County, Illinois. The family later moved to Washington County, Iowa.
  • Joseph Gass remained a bachelor farmer all his life in southern Illinois.
  • William Given was Robert Given’s brother. Robert Given married a daughter of Drury Logan and Sarah Ann Lyons Logan. William Given was a Civil War veteran.
  • Green Graham was closely associated with the Logan family in Warren, later Allen County, Kentucky. One sister, Celia, married Joshua Logan. Another, Sarah “Sallie,” married Young Logan.

Are you researching CHEW in VA? CHORPENNING in PA & IL? COULTER in IL? DODSON in SC and KY and AL and TN? These are some of the “allied families & significant others” in “Logan Connections.”

Allied Families and Significant Others, part 2:

  • Chew family in Spotsylvania County, Virginia — Primarily Larkin and Thomas Chew references
  • David Chorpenning and Sophia Bomden — From Fayette County, Pennsylvania to Washington County, Illinois
  • John Chorpenning — From Fayette or Somerset County, Pennsylvania, to Washington County, Illinois
  • Archibald Coulter and his three wives — Born in South Carolina, Archibald Coulter moved to southern Illinois where he was a highly successful miller (St. Clair County). Later, he moved his milling business to DeWitt County, Illinois.
  • Charles Dodson and Lucy Morgan — Charles Dodson was born in Virginia. He married Lucy Morgan in (probably) North Carolina. They lived in Pendleton District, South Carolina. Charles was a minister at Keowee Church, a church Joseph Logan also was affiliated with. Charles and Lucy and their family moved to Warren County, Kentucky, the portion that later became Allen County. The Dodsons and Logans were co-religionists and neighbors and the families intermarried.
  • Elisha Jefferson Dodson and Betsy G. Wren and Jane Elizabeth Blackwell — Elisha was born in North Carolina. He received a Grant South of Green River in Warren County, Kentucky, in 1799. He later moved to Madison County, Alabama, then later to Marshall County, Tennessee.