James Harvey Logan, son of Drury Logan and Sarah Ann Lyons Logan, 1854-1855: clarification

Cousin Patrick Logan notes a conundrum regarding a recent post about James Harvey Logan, son of Drury Logan and Sarah Ann Lyons Logan. James H. Logan is buried at Old Salem Cemetery in Washington County, Illinois, very near the St. Clair County line.

Recently, we had posted some new information from “Register of Baptisms in Unity R.P. [Reformed Presbyterian] Church” which gives James Harvey Logan’s date of baptism as 24 October 1853. However, James H. Logan’s tombstone has him dying 13 March 1855 with the inscription he was 1 year, 1 month, and 2 days old. That makes his date of birth 11 February 1854. Patrick points out this would make his birth date 3 months and 18 days after his baptism. Clearly, something is awry.

Since that original post, I donated the “Register of Baptisms in Unity R.P. Church” to the Wisconsin State Historical Society. My best guess is that either the Register or the transcriber of the Register or, most likely, me recorded the year of baptism incorrectly. I will get into the State Historical Society Library within the next couple of months to check this out. In the meantime, let’s assume that James Harvey Logan was baptized 24 October 1854, not 1853.

Good catch, Patrick, and thanks.


Some Logan (and affiliated families) references, “Nashville Journal,” Nashville, Washington County, Illinois, 1879, 1902, 1903, 1904, 1905, 1906

25 April 1879: Oakdale (property tax): Sarah Logan is listed.

10 July 1902: Personal Property Tax, Oakdale Township: Elihu Logan is listed.

15 October 1903: Rice: Bert Logan and Wm. Folden, of Pinckneyville, spent Sunday among friends here.

23 June 1904: Rice: Misses May and Lucy Logan, of Pinckneyville, called on friends here Wednesday.

17 August 1905: Oakdale: Ivenson [sic: Iverson] Jones is supplying our town with a nice grade of melons.

6 September 1906: Misses Gail and Dorris Watson, of Ashley, were the guests of Miss Reba Meyer, Sunday. [Gail Watson married Robert O. Logan.]


Tax list, Pilot Knob Township, Washington County, Illinois, 1873, 1874, 1875, 1902, “Nashville Journal,” Nashville, Illinois

[Logan and affiliated family names]

Township 3 S, Range 3 West: 1873

  • Wm. Logan (2 listings)
  • Iverson Jones (multiple listings)

Township 3 S, Range 3 West: 1874

  • Iverson Jones (multiple listings)
  • M.A. Guthrie (multiple listings)
  • Sol Maxwell (multiple listings)
  • D. Logan (2 listings)
  • B.J. Guthrie
  • R.B. Ragland

Township 3 S, Range 3 West: 1875

  • Wm. Logan (2 listings)
  • S[ol] Maxwell
  • R.B. Ragland
  • R. Car[r]ick

Township 3 S., Range 3 West: 1902

  • James Logan
  • Lee Porter
  • W.W. Ragland
  • T.C. Ragland
  • Anton Sterns (friend of Al Logan)

Reuben Logan family updates: “Nashville Journal,” Nashville, Washington County, Illinois, 1902, 1903

6 February 1902 — Rice: Mrs. Ruben [sic: Reuben] Logan and Mrs. J.B. Logan have been on the sick list but are convalescing at present.

8 May 1902 — Rice: Mr. and Mrs. Ruben [sic: Reuben] Logan attended the dedication of the Denmark Baptist church last Sabbath.

29 May 1902 — Rice: The crowd that went to the Okaw river fishing consisting of Ruben [sic: Reuben] Logan, H.C. Jones, Louis McQuade, Bert Redenbo, Squire Chapman, E.J. Jones, Ed. Hunter returned with good success and plenty of fun.

17 September 1903 — Rice: J.W. Ragland and family will move to Pinckneyville in a few days, also E.J. Jones and family and Ruben [sic: Reuben] Logan and family.


Williamson family updates: “Nashville Journal,” Nashville, Washington County, Illinois, 1905

11 May 1905 — Rice: David Williamson and sister, Rebecca, made a business trip to DuBois, Tuesday.

10 August 1905 — Oakdale: It’s a girl baby at Wm. Williamson’s.

10 August 1905: Oakdale: The little daughter, of Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Williamson is quite sick.

17 August 1905 — Oakdale: Mrs. Williamson and daughter, of Three Mile, were on our streets Wednesday.

14 September 1905 — Oakdale: Dave Williamson, of Three Mile, is peddling beef through this section every week.

Robert O. Logan updates: “Nashville Journal,” Nashville, Washington County, Illinois, 1902, 1904, 1906

6 February 1902 — Oakdale: Robt. Logan, of Ashley, was in our town Tuesday.

19 May 1904 — Ashley: Robt. Logan, of Centralia, spent Sunday in our city.

14 July 1904 — Rice: Robt. Logan, of Centralia, was a visitor in our burg Tuesday.

25 January 1906 — R.O. Logan passed through this city yesterday, on his way from Ashley to Oakdale, for a few days’ visit with home folks. [“Our city” is Nashville.]


Carrick family updates: “Nashville Journal,” Nashville, Washington County, Illinois, 1902-1907

30 October 1902 — Oakdale: Ed. Carrick, of Three Mile, is able to ride out and was greeted by his friends on our streets Monday.

24 September 1903 — Oakdale: Ed. and Willis [sic] Carrick have returned home, after spending a few months in Kenney, Ill. [Kenney is a village in DeWitt County, Illinois.]

29 December 1904 — Oakdale: Robert Carrick attended the funeral of Mrs. Apps, of Chicago, Saturday.

23 February 1905 — Entertainment for Oak Grove. The Slade school district will give an entertainment at Oak Grove church, Friday February 24, beginning at 7:45 o’clock p.m.The following program will be rendered: [Play: “Reunion of Longfellow’s Characters”]. Ruth Carrick played the role of Precosia.

2 March 1905 — Rice: Ed. Carrick left for Kansas City, Mo., Wednesday.

28 December 1905 — Rice: Robert Carrick sold a horse to Wm. Gorman; consideration $140.

1 February 1906 — Oakdale: Ed. Carrick visited Pinckneyville and Sparta this week.

8 February 1906 — Rice: Wilfred Carrick and sister, Ruth, visited relatives in Pinckneyville Sunday.

6 September 1906 — Oakdale: Robert Carrick and Jas. Sloane are attending the reunion at Johnson City. [This was a Civil War — Union — veterans’ reunion.]

6 September 1906 — Oakdale: Ed. Carrick came in on the train Wednesday nursing a broken arm caused by falling when trying to catch a train at some point on his route. He had been gone most of the summer representing the American Yeast Co., and his friends are sorry to learn of his misfortune.

4 October 1906 — Robert Carrick has moved from the farm to this city [Nashville] and now occupies the Marx homestead.

1 November 1906 — The Point: Ed. Carrick, of Pilot Knob, is husking corn for W.G. Martin.

1 November 1906 — Miss Ruth Carrick, of Nashville, spent Saturday and Sunday with Mrs. W.G. Martin.

8 November 1906 — The Point: Ed. Carrick spent Sunday at Pilot Knob.

15 November 1906 — Oakdale: Mr. Carrick visited the home place last week.

20 December 1906 — The Point: Robt. Carrick and daughter Ruth, of Nashville, spent Sunday with Wm. G. Martin and family.

27 December 1906 — The Point: Miss Ruth Carrick, of Nashville, spent Sunday at W.G. Martin’s.

17 January 1907 — The Point: Martin [sic] Carrick called on Sylvia Martin one day during the week.

7 February 1907 — Rice: Roy Carrick spent Sunday with Howard Chapman.

Chorpenning family updates: “Nashville Journal,” Nashville, Washington County, Illinois, 1904-1907

21 July 1904 — Mrs. Sadie Matlock, of Colorado, was the guest of her brother, Geo. Corpering [sic: Chorpenning] the past few days.

10 August 1905 — Oakdale: John Corpening [sic: Chorpenning] is moving to J.S. Murphy’s farm east of town this week.

31 January 1907 — Rice: Geo. Corpening’s [sic: Chorpenning] on the sick list.

21 February 1907 — Mr. and Mrs. George Reisinger, of Round Prairie, visited Mr. and Mrs. George Corpening [sic: Chorpenning], Saturday.

Elihu Logan: updates from the “Nashville Journal,” Nashville, Washington County, Illinois, 1902-1907

29 May 1902 — Oakdale: The new restaurant is in full blast with barbershop connected, Mr. and Mrs. Elihu Logan, proprietors.

31 March 1904 — Elihu Logan and Wm. Kemps, of Oakdale, were among our Monday’s visitors. [to Nashville].

7 April 1904 — Oakdale: The result of our town election Tuesday is as follows: Assessor, Sam. Coulter; Collector, Thos. Klene; Town Clerk; Elihu Logan; Road Com., Chas. Rountree.

7 April 1904 — Oakdale: Robert Osborn and Elihu Logan made a business trip to Pinckneyville last Wednesday.

22 September 1904 — Court House News: Sarah Logan by heirs, to Elihu Logan, Q.C., lots 5 and 7, block 8, Oakdale, $75.

2 February 1905 — Elihu Logan, of Oakdale, was among our city’s visitors Monday. [“Our city” is Nashville.]

8 March 1906 — Oakdale: A surprise was tendered Mr. and Mrs. Elihu Logan, Wednesday evening, it being their wedding anniversary. Their friends presented them a beautiful rug.

29 March 1906 — Oakdale: Elihu Logan made a trip to St. Louis last week, preparing for summer trade.

16 August 1906 — Oakdale: Elihu Logan has moved his barber chair and furniture into the front of the Kennedy store for this month.

7 February 1907 — Oakdale: Elihu Logan, Lann Hunter and Wm. Kleinschmidt visited the county capital Tuesday.