Tax list, Pilot Knob Township, Washington County, Illinois, 1873, 1874, 1875, 1902, “Nashville Journal,” Nashville, Illinois

[Logan and affiliated family names]

Township 3 S, Range 3 West: 1873

  • Wm. Logan (2 listings)
  • Iverson Jones (multiple listings)

Township 3 S, Range 3 West: 1874

  • Iverson Jones (multiple listings)
  • M.A. Guthrie (multiple listings)
  • Sol Maxwell (multiple listings)
  • D. Logan (2 listings)
  • B.J. Guthrie
  • R.B. Ragland

Township 3 S, Range 3 West: 1875

  • Wm. Logan (2 listings)
  • S[ol] Maxwell
  • R.B. Ragland
  • R. Car[r]ick

Township 3 S., Range 3 West: 1902

  • James Logan
  • Lee Porter
  • W.W. Ragland
  • T.C. Ragland
  • Anton Sterns (friend of Al Logan)

Reuben Logan family updates: “Nashville Journal,” Nashville, Washington County, Illinois, 1902, 1903

6 February 1902 — Rice: Mrs. Ruben [sic: Reuben] Logan and Mrs. J.B. Logan have been on the sick list but are convalescing at present.

8 May 1902 — Rice: Mr. and Mrs. Ruben [sic: Reuben] Logan attended the dedication of the Denmark Baptist church last Sabbath.

29 May 1902 — Rice: The crowd that went to the Okaw river fishing consisting of Ruben [sic: Reuben] Logan, H.C. Jones, Louis McQuade, Bert Redenbo, Squire Chapman, E.J. Jones, Ed. Hunter returned with good success and plenty of fun.

17 September 1903 — Rice: J.W. Ragland and family will move to Pinckneyville in a few days, also E.J. Jones and family and Ruben [sic: Reuben] Logan and family.


Williamson family updates: “Nashville Journal,” Nashville, Washington County, Illinois, 1905

11 May 1905 — Rice: David Williamson and sister, Rebecca, made a business trip to DuBois, Tuesday.

10 August 1905 — Oakdale: It’s a girl baby at Wm. Williamson’s.

10 August 1905: Oakdale: The little daughter, of Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Williamson is quite sick.

17 August 1905 — Oakdale: Mrs. Williamson and daughter, of Three Mile, were on our streets Wednesday.

14 September 1905 — Oakdale: Dave Williamson, of Three Mile, is peddling beef through this section every week.

Robert O. Logan updates: “Nashville Journal,” Nashville, Washington County, Illinois, 1902, 1904, 1906

6 February 1902 — Oakdale: Robt. Logan, of Ashley, was in our town Tuesday.

19 May 1904 — Ashley: Robt. Logan, of Centralia, spent Sunday in our city.

14 July 1904 — Rice: Robt. Logan, of Centralia, was a visitor in our burg Tuesday.

25 January 1906 — R.O. Logan passed through this city yesterday, on his way from Ashley to Oakdale, for a few days’ visit with home folks. [“Our city” is Nashville.]


Carrick family updates: “Nashville Journal,” Nashville, Washington County, Illinois, 1902-1907

30 October 1902 — Oakdale: Ed. Carrick, of Three Mile, is able to ride out and was greeted by his friends on our streets Monday.

24 September 1903 — Oakdale: Ed. and Willis [sic] Carrick have returned home, after spending a few months in Kenney, Ill. [Kenney is a village in DeWitt County, Illinois.]

29 December 1904 — Oakdale: Robert Carrick attended the funeral of Mrs. Apps, of Chicago, Saturday.

23 February 1905 — Entertainment for Oak Grove. The Slade school district will give an entertainment at Oak Grove church, Friday February 24, beginning at 7:45 o’clock p.m.The following program will be rendered: [Play: “Reunion of Longfellow’s Characters”]. Ruth Carrick played the role of Precosia.

2 March 1905 — Rice: Ed. Carrick left for Kansas City, Mo., Wednesday.

28 December 1905 — Rice: Robert Carrick sold a horse to Wm. Gorman; consideration $140.

1 February 1906 — Oakdale: Ed. Carrick visited Pinckneyville and Sparta this week.

8 February 1906 — Rice: Wilfred Carrick and sister, Ruth, visited relatives in Pinckneyville Sunday.

6 September 1906 — Oakdale: Robert Carrick and Jas. Sloane are attending the reunion at Johnson City. [This was a Civil War — Union — veterans’ reunion.]

6 September 1906 — Oakdale: Ed. Carrick came in on the train Wednesday nursing a broken arm caused by falling when trying to catch a train at some point on his route. He had been gone most of the summer representing the American Yeast Co., and his friends are sorry to learn of his misfortune.

4 October 1906 — Robert Carrick has moved from the farm to this city [Nashville] and now occupies the Marx homestead.

1 November 1906 — The Point: Ed. Carrick, of Pilot Knob, is husking corn for W.G. Martin.

1 November 1906 — Miss Ruth Carrick, of Nashville, spent Saturday and Sunday with Mrs. W.G. Martin.

8 November 1906 — The Point: Ed. Carrick spent Sunday at Pilot Knob.

15 November 1906 — Oakdale: Mr. Carrick visited the home place last week.

20 December 1906 — The Point: Robt. Carrick and daughter Ruth, of Nashville, spent Sunday with Wm. G. Martin and family.

27 December 1906 — The Point: Miss Ruth Carrick, of Nashville, spent Sunday at W.G. Martin’s.

17 January 1907 — The Point: Martin [sic] Carrick called on Sylvia Martin one day during the week.

7 February 1907 — Rice: Roy Carrick spent Sunday with Howard Chapman.

Chorpenning family updates: “Nashville Journal,” Nashville, Washington County, Illinois, 1904-1907

21 July 1904 — Mrs. Sadie Matlock, of Colorado, was the guest of her brother, Geo. Corpering [sic: Chorpenning] the past few days.

10 August 1905 — Oakdale: John Corpening [sic: Chorpenning] is moving to J.S. Murphy’s farm east of town this week.

31 January 1907 — Rice: Geo. Corpening’s [sic: Chorpenning] on the sick list.

21 February 1907 — Mr. and Mrs. George Reisinger, of Round Prairie, visited Mr. and Mrs. George Corpening [sic: Chorpenning], Saturday.

Elihu Logan: updates from the “Nashville Journal,” Nashville, Washington County, Illinois, 1902-1907

29 May 1902 — Oakdale: The new restaurant is in full blast with barbershop connected, Mr. and Mrs. Elihu Logan, proprietors.

31 March 1904 — Elihu Logan and Wm. Kemps, of Oakdale, were among our Monday’s visitors. [to Nashville].

7 April 1904 — Oakdale: The result of our town election Tuesday is as follows: Assessor, Sam. Coulter; Collector, Thos. Klene; Town Clerk; Elihu Logan; Road Com., Chas. Rountree.

7 April 1904 — Oakdale: Robert Osborn and Elihu Logan made a business trip to Pinckneyville last Wednesday.

22 September 1904 — Court House News: Sarah Logan by heirs, to Elihu Logan, Q.C., lots 5 and 7, block 8, Oakdale, $75.

2 February 1905 — Elihu Logan, of Oakdale, was among our city’s visitors Monday. [“Our city” is Nashville.]

8 March 1906 — Oakdale: A surprise was tendered Mr. and Mrs. Elihu Logan, Wednesday evening, it being their wedding anniversary. Their friends presented them a beautiful rug.

29 March 1906 — Oakdale: Elihu Logan made a trip to St. Louis last week, preparing for summer trade.

16 August 1906 — Oakdale: Elihu Logan has moved his barber chair and furniture into the front of the Kennedy store for this month.

7 February 1907 — Oakdale: Elihu Logan, Lann Hunter and Wm. Kleinschmidt visited the county capital Tuesday.