Joseph Logan (1823-1893): additional information

Paulette Johnson-Powell added additional information about the Joseph Logan line in an email to several of the researchers who have helped along the way and/or who are researching this line. I’m lightly editing that portion of Paulette’s email, with her permission, for the Logan Connections website:

“I can tell you beyond a doubt that Nancy/Nannie Logan was a daughter of Joseph Logan (b. 11/11/1823 York, SC – d. 4/25/1893 Cherokee County, AL).  Joseph was married two times.  The first was to E. Caroline Francis Stroup and the second was to Catherine Lankford.  He had six children with E. Caroline:  (1) Martha Jane Logan Lankford (2) Fanny S Logan Helton (3) Anacondie “Anna/Mandy” Logan Kines (4) George Washington  Logan (5) Benjamin Logan (6) Nancy/Nannie Logan Wood.
Joseph and Catherine had seven children:  (1) Josephus L Logan (2) Lucy Logan (3) Charles Henry Logan (4) Abraham “Abe” Helton Logan (5) Reuben “Riley” Wright Logan (6) Josephine “Josie” Logan Mobley (7) William M Logan.
The only possible child that Joseph had that some might disagree with, was his and E. Caroline’s son, Benjamin Logan.  Almost all of the trees in Ancestry have his parents as Andres J. (Jackson) Logan and Sarah Ann Thompson.  They are wrong!  There is a span in his life from 1880 when he was 10 yrs old, until he married on 9 Dec 1900, that I have been unable to find him.  The trees that are wrong have him listed as Benjamin W. Logan.  He is listed like this in the 1860 Census.  They also have Benjamin W. digging for gold in CA in 1888, 1890, 1896.  In Mar 1900 they have him living in Los Angeles, CA.  On 9 Dec 1900 they have him marrying Sallie Treadway, who was the wife to my Benjamin Logan.
Looking at the Cedartown Standard 2/23/1922, there is a one liner that says, “Mrs. Mae Merritt, of your city, spent the week-end here as the guest of her Aunt, Mrs. M. C. Wood”.  Mrs. Mae Merritt was Ida Mae Logan, Benjamin and Sallie’s oldest child.  Mrs. M.C. Wood was Nancy/Nannie Logan Wood, Benjamin’s sister.  Additionally, a descendant of Benjamin and Sallie has taken a DNA test and he matches [a known descendant] with 260.9 cM, 2.9 gens.  I am very confident I have the right Benjamin Logan.

Joseph Logan, York Co., SC — Cherokee Co., AL (1823-1893) Descendants

Paulette Johnson-Powell has focused pretty much non-stop for a year-and-a-half on Joseph Logan (11/11/1823, York County, South Carolina–4/25/1893, Cherokee County, Alabama) and his descendants. Paulette’s work is masterful. Many of you on the Logan Connections website have worked with Paulette to accomplish this. All of you have helped advance our knowledge of this line. Thank you, Paulette, and thank you all.

This first post is an outline of the Joseph Logan family researched by Paulette. Later, after we’ve had time to study and digest this a bit, we’ll post Joseph Logan’s detailed tree. Unfortunately, WordPress doesn’t transfer the computer program’s normal indentations, but the numbers still allow us to follow the line.

Much appreciated! More to follow soon.


  1. William Logan – b. 1709

 2.1  William Logan

3.1  Thomas H Logan 

4.1  Joseph Logan

5.1  Martha Jane Logan

6.1  Catherine Amanda “Mandy” Lankford

7.1  Noah A Sexton

7.2  Arthur Jessie Sexton

8.1  Arthur Loyd Sexton

9.1  Sandra Sexton

9.2  Oscar Sexton

9.3   Marshall Sexton

9.4  Carl Sexton

9.5  Arthur L Sexton, Jr

9.6  Juanell Sexton

8.2  Katherine Willie Sexton

8.3  Winnie Lucille Sexton

9.1  Myrtle Stubblefield

9.2  Martha Stubblefield

9.3  Mary Stubblefield

9.4  Joyce Stubblefield

9.5  Charles I Stubblefield

9.6  John Stubblefield

8.4  Kitty Earlene Sexton

9.1  Roger D Lowery

9.2  Donna Lowery

9.3  Rita Lowery

7.3  Alice Sexton

7.4  Lucy Sexton

8.1  Lucy Mae Cook

9.1  William Jarrell Hearn

9.2  Lyrita Hearn

7.5  Lee Arnold Sexton

6.2  Hamiter Lankford

7.1  Jesse Howell Bohannon

8.1  Henry Bohannon

8.2  Mary Ray Bohannon

9.1  Barry Michael Ray

9.2  Danny Ray

9.3  Jerry Ray

9.4  Wilson Eugene Ray

9.5  Gary Mitchel Ray

9.6  Stanley Ray

9.7  Lloyd Benjamin 


8.3  Jessie J Bohannon

9.1  Linda Bohannon

9.2  Dau Bohannon

9.3  Dau Bohannon

9.4  David Bohannon

8.4  David Bohannon

8.5  Frank James Bohannon

9.1  Frankie Bohannon

9.2  Jim Bohannon

9.3  John Bohannon

9.4  Jesse Bohannon

8.6  Robert F Bohannon

9.1  Steve Bohannon

9.2  Diane Bohannon

9.3  Susan Bohannon

9.4  Sherry Bohannon

8.7  Loretta Bohannon

8.8  Arthur Bohannon

9.1  Kenneth Arthur 


9.2  Linda Bohannon

9.3  Brenda Bohannon

8.9  Juanita Bohannon

7.2  Deby Bohannon

8.1  Minnie Lee Estrell Bohannon

9.1  Elton Mathew Elrod

9.2  Mary Magdeline Elrod

9.3  Marilyn Elrod

9.4  Mark Elrod

9.5  Howard Elrod

9.6  Martha Elrod

9.7  Annette Elrod

8.2  Lillie Mae Bohannon

8.3  Lonnie Richard Bohannon

9.1  Tony Bohannon

9.2  Carolyn Bohannon

7.3  Edward R Bohannon

7.4  Ruby Mae Bohannon

8.1  Ella Mae Gravley

8.2  Lois Gravley

8.3  William Jefferson Gravley

9.1  Greg Gravley

9.2  Michael Gravley

9.3  Susie Gravley

9.4  Frances Gravley

8.4  Aretta Gravley

8.5  Ralph Edward Gravley

8.6  Ada Gravley

9.1  Lewis Brown

9.2  Daniel Brown

7.5  Fred Bohannon

7.6  Roy Elbert Bohannon

7.7  Addie Mae Bohannon

8.1  William Earl Segars

9.1  William Stephen Segars

9.2  Robert Segars

9.3  Mary Anne Segars

9.4  Jane Segars

8.2  Marie Segars

8.3  Bonnie Lee Segars

8.4  Jimmy Charles Segars

8.5  Roy Segars

8.6  Ann Segars

8.7  Faye Segars

8.8  Iris Segars

6.3  Hamilton Lankford

6.4  Tiney L Lankford

7.1  Mattie Jarrell

8.1  Julia Grace Clay

9.1  Donnie Lamar McElwee

8.2  Virgil Clay

9.1  Douglas Wayne Clay

9.2  Dolleen Clay

9.3  Donathan Craig Clay

9.4  David Nelson Clay

9.5  Daniel Virgil Clay

9.6  Delilah Clay

8.3  Nelson Clay

8.4  Gordon Clay

9.1  Deborah Ann Clay

9.2  Royce W Clay

8.5  Joe Henry Clay

8.6  Baby Girl Clay

7.2  Amanda Jarrell

8.1  Pearl M Roberson

9.1  Danny Frnklin Nicholas

9.2  James Nelson Nicholas

9.3  Debra Nicholas

9.4  Dianne Nicholas

8.2  Lucy Dale Roberson

9.1  Carl Houston Ingram

9.2  Barbara Ann Ingram

8.3  Eddie Earnest Roberson

8.4  Jack Roberson

9.1  Dale Roberson

9.2  Sheila Roberson

9.3  Marie Roberson

9.4  Jackie Roberson

7.3  Fred Rufus “Red” Jarrell

8.1  Ralph Dennis Jarrell

7.4  Frank Eugene Jarrell

8.1  Bessie Mae Jarrell

9.1  Jancie Kay Smith

9.2  Nancy Sue Smith

8.2  Ray Jarrell

7.5  Mildred Louise Jarrell

7.6  Martha E “Nannie” Jarrell

8.1  James Homer Chastain

8.2  William Doyle Chastain

9.1  William Scotty Chastain

9.2  Freddie Gerald 


9.3  Janice Chastain

9.4  Eddie Chastain

9.5  Jeff Chastain

9.6  Darryl Chastain

9.7  Pete Chastain

9.8  Wayne Chastain

7.7  Clarence Cecil Jarrell

8.1  Jerry Anderson Jarrell

8.2  Chuck Jarrell

8.3  James Michael Jarrell

8.4  Anna Christine “Tina” Jarrell

8.5  Penny Corine Jarrell

8.6  Donnie Lynn Jarrell

8.7  Clarence C “Dooney” Jarrell

8.8  Ronnie Lee “Bill” Jarrell

6.5  Mary Gussie Lankford

7.1  William H Jarrell

8.1  Nellie Madgeline Jarrell

9.1  Tony Hinesley

9.2  Tammie Hinesley

9.3  Melanie Hinesley

9.4  Debbie Hinesley

9.5  Jennie Hinesley

8.2  Katherine Virginia Jarrell 9.1  Jeff Crawford

9.2  Joel Crawford

9.3  Vickie Crawford

9.4  Jennifer Crawford

9.5  Joannie Crawford

9.6  Jean Crawford

9.7  Julie Crawford

8.3  Alice Marie Jarrell

9.1  Michael Wayne Mitchell

9.2  Vickie Lynn Mitchell

8.4  Larry Leonard Jarrell

9.1  Sherry L Jarrell

9.2  Terry Glenn Jarrell

9.3  Porcia Jarrell

9.4  Venessa K Jarrell

8.5  Shirley Belinda Jarrell

9.1  Michael Dewayne 


9.2  Patricia Farmer

9.3  Tommy Farmer

8.6  Roger Lee Jarrell

8.7  Ray Jarrell

8.8  Sybil Jarrell

7.2  Walter Jarrell

8.1  Arlene Jarrell

8.2  Danny Jarrell

8.3  Billy Ray Jarrell

8.4  Phillip Jarrell

8.5  Elizabeth Jarrell

8.6  Shirley Jarrell

7.3  Rosie Jarrell

7.4  Cleve Jarrell

8.1  Elvis Jarrell

8.2  Ricky Jarrell

8.3  Randall Jarrell

8.4  Kenny Lee Jarrell

8.5  Gary Wayne Jarrell

8.6  Virginia Jarrell

8.7  Betty Jean Jarrell

7.5  Lee Jarrell

8.1  Carolyn Jarrell

9.1  Lynn Bates

9.2  Jeff Smith

8.2  Bobby Lee Jarrell

9.1  Tommy Jarrell

9.2  Wesley Allen Jarrell

8.3  Rhonda Jarrell

8.4  Debbie Jarrell

8.5  Geraldine Jarrell

8.6  Mary Patricia Jarrell

7.6  Delores Margaret “Lois” Jarrell

8.1  Llinda Faye Price

8.2  Dondra Price

8.3  Judy Price

8.4  Bill Price

7.7  Edward James Jarrell

8.1  Michael Edward Jarrell

8.2  Glenda Louise Jarrell

6.6  Daisy E Lankford

7.1  William Virgil Pyle

7.2  Lucy/Louise Pyle

7.3  Mary Ethel Pyle

8.1  Paulette Gray

8.2  Glenn Thomas Gray

8.3  Robert Gene Gray

7.4  Lillie Ophelia Pyle

8.1  David Maples

8.2  Larry Maples

7.5  Horace Hamilton Pyle

8.1  Bill Pyle

8.2  Danny Pyle

7.6  Herman Pyle

8.1  Tommy Pyle

8.2  Richard Thomas Pyle

8.3  Katherine Lynne Pyle

6.7  David Lankford

5.2  Fanny S Logan

6.1  Francis Marion Helton

6.2  Amanda Caroline Helton

7.1  William Clarence “Dick” Smart

8.1  Lois Smart

8.2  James Marion Smart

8.3  Charles Leroy Smart

7.2  Josephus “Joe” Smart

7.3  George Raymond Smart

7.4  Samuel B Smart

8.1  Samuel B Smart, Jr

9.1  Melanie Jill Smart

9.2  Joel David Smart

9.3  Samuel B Smart III

7.5  Ruby Jane Smart

8.1  Bobbie Jo Graham

7.6  Noah Elbert Smart

8.1  George Elbert Smart

7.7  Bonnie Smart

8.1  William Don Rhodes

6.3  William Joseph Helton

6.4  Eula Helton

5.3  Anacondie “Anna”/”Manda” Logan

6.1  William Walter Kines

7.1  Bonnie May Kines

7.2  Rev Herman Grady Kines

8.1  Beth Kines

8.2  Nell Kines

7.3  Evelyn Odell Kines

8.1  Vickie Denton

8.2  Andrew “Andy” Wilbur 

          Denton, Jr

7.4  Bertie Louise Kines

8.1  David Franklin Sharp, Jr

8.2  Al Sharp

6.2  Henry Lee Kines

7.1  Annie Bell Kines

7.2  Amanda “Mandy” Ola Kines

8.1  Margaret E Pierce

9.1  Jewel McGatha

9.2  Dorothy McGatha

8.2  Catherine Louise Pierce

8.3  Mary Frances Pierce

9.1  Wannette Kelley

9.2  Martha Kelley

9.3  Linda Kelley

9.4  Virginia Kelley

8.4  Sylvia Dean Pierce

9.1  Jimmy Ray McGatha

9.2  Emmitt Lamar McGatha

9.3  Robert Junior McGatha

9.4  Betty Ann McGatha

8.5  Henry Lee Pierce

9.1  Geraldine Pierce

9.2  Phyllis Pierce

9.3  Darrell Lee Pierce

8.6  Robert Hugh Pierce

8.7  Betty Lou Pierce

9.1  Rickey Lamar McGatha

9.2  Richard McGatha

9.3  Debra McGatha

9.4  Sandra McGatha

8.8  Raymond Earl Pierce

8.9  Peggy Faye Pierce

9.1  Wanda Watts

9.2  Gregory Watts

8.10  Pluma Estelle Pierce

9.1  Jason Alexander

9.2  Steve Alexander

8.11  Melvin Elbert Pierce

9.1  Jerri Pierce

9.2  Kevin Pierce

9.3  Lee Pierce

9.4  Vickie Pierce

8.12  Emmett Leonard Pierce

8.13  James Donald “JD” Pierce

9.1  Stacy Pierce

8.14  Patricia Ann Pierce

9.1  Pamela Lambert

9.2  Rodney Lambert

7.3  Charlie Austin Kines

8.1  Charline Farris Kines

9.1  Timothy Wayne McFall

8.2  Winford Teague Kines

7.4  James Fred Kines

8.1  James Michael Kines

8.2  Patricia J Kines

8.3  Sara Ellen Kines

7.5  Emmett Leonard Kines

8.1  Vicki Joi Kines

8.2  Judy Karen Kines

7.6  Alma Elizabeth Kines

8.1  Kenneth Doyle Kelley

9.1  Robin Kelley

9.2  Robert Kelley

9.3  Jammie Kelley

8.2  Brenda Gail Kelley

9.1  Tammy Holcomb

8.3  Frankie Kelley

8.4  Tanna/Tina Kelley

8.5  Sandra Kelley

7.7  George Robert Kines

8.1  Danny Seals Kines

9.1  Abigail Caroline Kines

9.2  Derrick Van Kines

9.3  Robert Darrin Kines

9.4  Sandi Kines

8.2  Tammi Kines

8.3  Susan Kines

8.4  Diane Kines

6.3  George Ernest Kines

7.1  Danelle Kines

6.4  Joseph “Joe” Woodford Kines

6.5  Emmett M Kines

7.1  Hoyt B Kines

7.2  Annie/Anna Lou Kines

7.3  Robbie L Kines

7.4  Edith Kines

8.1  Lewis Edward “Eddie” 


Kit # ZF5335342 9.1  Sarah Hackney

8,2  Sharon Hackney

7.5  Billy Joe Kines

8.1  Richard Barton Kines

8.2  Scott Kines

8.3  Suzanna Kines

6.6  Alex Lemuel Kines

7.1  Allen James Kines

7.2  Eunice Kines

8.1  Carol Jean Putnam

8.2  Jerry Ronald Putnam

8.3  Donna Kay Putman

7.3  Alex Lemuel Kines

8.1  Dr. Thomas Michael Kines, Jr

8.2  Stephen Paul Kines

8.3  Beverly Kines

6.7  Katie Mae Kines

7.1  Ruby Catherine Williams

8.1  Gayle Lockridge

8.2  Reba Lockridge

8.3  Brenda Lockridge

7.2  William Clifford Williams

7.3  Agnes Juanita Williams

8.1  Beverly Anita White

9.1  Katie Kimball

8.2  Sammy White

8.3  Catherine White

7.4  Myrtle Louise Williams

8.1  Perry Wilson Lockridge

8.2  Preston Lockridge

8.3  Rita Lockridge

7.5  Beulah Mae Williams

8.1  Beth Gillliam

8.2  Marsha Gilliam

8.3  Stephen Gilliam

7.6  Donald Edward Eugene Williams

8.1  Edward Eugene Williams

9.1  Bryan Williams

9.2  Kevin Willliams

9.3  Beth Williams

8.2  Judy Williams

8.3  Donna Willliams

7.7  Bobby Gene Williams

8.1  Kay Williams

6.8  Austin Glen Kines

7.1  Austin Joe Kines

8.1  Bruce Kines

8.2  Joe Kines

8.3  Angela K Kines

7.2  Eva Ruth Kines

8.1  Phyllis Gowens

8.2  Janis Gowens

7.3  Harvey Kines

8.1  Michael T Kines

8.2  Linda Kines

7.4  W Harold Kines

5.4  George Washington Logan

5.5  Benjamin Logan

6.1  Ida Mae Logan

7.1  Lula Madelyn Merritt

8.1  Donna Rebecca Owens

8.2  Vickie Elaine Owens

9.1  Chad DeSanto

7.2  Omer Chester Merritt

8.1  Dianne Merritt

7.3  Roy Kenneth Merritt

8.1  Tony Merritt

8.2  Kenneth Merritt

7.4  Edward Donald Merritt

8.1  Rhonda Merritt

8.2  Debbie Merritt

8.3  Cherie Merritt

7.5  Franklin Ray Merritt

8.1  Mark Merritt

7.6  Joseph Lucas Merritt

8.1  Ronnie Lee Merritt

8.2  Janet Merritt

8.3  Tammy Merritt

8.4  Darlene Merritt

8.5  Scottie Merritt

8.6  Michael Merritt

8.7  Barry Merritt

6.2  Daisy Lee Logan

7.1  Daisy Aileen Morton

8.1  Jerry Henson

8.2  James Michael Henson

8.3  David Henson

Kit # T280818 8.4  Danny C Henson

7.2  Richard H Morton

6.3  Joseph Carl Logan

7.1  Betty Joe Logan

8.1  Edgar Robin Bohannon

8.2  Bonnie Lenn Bohannon

8.3  Kate Bohannon

8.4  Sally Bohannon

7.2  James “Jim” B Logan

8.1  Bonnie Kathleen Logan

9.1  Jeff Carlton

8.2  Sue Ellen Logan

7.3  Richard Lanham Logan

7.4  Lynda Ann Logan

7.5  Gayle Cordelia Logan

7.6  Brenda Joyce Logan

6.4  Jack Logan

6.5  Josie Logan

7.1  Jo Ann Davis

7.2  Linda E Davis

5.6  Nancy/Nannie Logan

6.1  Joseph Wood

6.2  Ella C Wood

6.3  Bob/Robert Wood

Kit #T958429 7.1  Ruth Lavonia Wood

Kit #A676280 8.1 Ken Blair

8.2  Steven David Blair

7.2  Herman Edward Wood, Sr

8.1  Herman Edward Wood, Jr

7.3  Nellie Dean Wood

7.4  Clara Bell Wood

8.1  Patricia Yarborough

8.2  Edward Yarborough

6.4  Lula May Wood

7.1  James Hubert Smith

6.5  Reuben Wood

6.6  George Edward Wood

7.1  Laura Beatrice Wood

5.7  Josephus L Logan

6.1  John Owens Logan

7.1  Joe H Logan

6.2  Evelyn Cleo Logan

7.1  Robert Jerry Logan

8.1  Sheree Logan

7.2  Roland Eugene Pitts

7.3  Bonnie Elaine Pitts

5.8  Lucy Logan

5.9  Charles Henry Logan

6.1  T E Logan

7.1  Margaret Mae Logan

Kit #’s A338097 & T064905 7.2  Charles Thomas Logan

7.3  Barbara Jo Logan

6.2  Mary Marie Logan

6.3  Joseph Tillman Logan

6.4  Katherine Logan

7.1  Charles Allen Bliler

8.1  William Edward Bliler

8.2  John Charles Blliler

8.3  Michelle Bliler

7.2  James Russell Bliler

8.1  Michael John Moyer

9.1  John Moyer

9.2  Michael Moyer, Jr

8.2  James Patrick Moyer

8.3  Kathleen Moyer

6.5  Edgar James Logan

Kit # T977729 7.1  James R “Jim” Logan

7.2  Jerry Logan

6.6  Harry Benjamin Logan

6.7  Charles David Logan

6.8  Buena Mae Logan

7.1  Janet Traglio

5. 10  Abaraham “Abe” Helton Logan

6.1  Annie Ruth Logan

6.2  Hazel Logan

6.3  Ruby E logan

5.11  Reuben “Riley” Wright Logan

6.1  William T Logan

6.2  Infant Son Logan

6.3  John Roy Logan

6.4  J Hoyt Logan

6.5  Charles Tatum Logan

7.1  Fran Logan

7.2  Sarah Logan

6.6  Ethel May Logan

7.1  Lamar Wayne Minshew

8.1  Melaine S Minshew

8.2  Michael Minshew

7.2  Dwight “Buddy” Minshew

6.7  Thomas Lester Logan

6.8  Mertice Ruth Logan

6.9  Dorothy Logan

7.1  Marion Allen Mull

6.10  Thurman Judson Logan

6.11  Sara Mildred Logan

5.12  Josephine “Josie” Logan

6.1  Jewell Katherine Mobley

7.1  Robert E Hurst

6.2  Charles Ralph Mobley

6.3  Alonzo Portress Mobley

7.1  Dennis Mobley

7.2  Anita Mobley

6.4  William Cecil Mobley

Kit #T818249 7.1  Ann Mobley

7.2 Deb Mobley

7.3  Jim Mobley

6.5  Mary Elizabeth Mobley

6.6  Wallace Milton Mobley

7.1  Douglas Wallace “Doug” Mobley

7.2  Matthew Milton Mobley

7.3  Meredith Mobley

7.4  Melissa Mobley

7.5  Cindy Charlotte Mobley

6.7  Vernon Eugene Mobley

7.1  Andy Mobley

7.2  Daniel Mobley

5.13  William M Logan

6.1  Glennie Mae Logan

6.2  Joseph Ralph Logan

6.3  William Hugh Logan

7.1  Alice Darlene Logan

7.2  Raymond R Logan

7.3  Daniel Hugh Logan

6.4  Mary Kathleen Logan

6.5  Lora Lee Logan

7.1  Harvey E Patty

7.2  Richard Louis Patty

7.3  Jonniece Patty

7.4  Therese Patty

6.6  William Houston Logan

7.1  Sherry Logan

7.2  Douglas Logan

6.7  Wilburn Cecil Logan

7.1  Michael Logan

7.2  Mark Logan

6.8  Norval Lovene Logan  

7.1  John William Logan

7.2  Kathy Logan

Drury Logan and Sarah Ann Lyons Logan’s children: a bit more information

In the “Register of Baptisms in Unity R.P. [Reformed Presbyterian] Church,” we find Sarah Elizabeth Logan, daughter of Sarah A. Logan, baptized 9 May 1853.

James Harvey Logan, son of Drury and “Sara” A. Logan, was baptized 24 October 1853.

In addition to learning the dates of baptism and to which church Sarah Ann belonged at the time, this is the first record we’ve found of the children’s middle names.

James H. Logan died 13 March 1855. He was 1 year, 1 month, and 2 days old.

Sarah E. Logan married Robert Given or Givens. She was born 27 August 1845 “at Marissa,” St. Clair County, Illinois. She died in Weldon, DeWitt County, Illinois, 9 or 10 August 1913.

What makes these baptisms more poignant is that three other children of Drury and Sarah Ann Lyons Logan had already died: Jane A. Logan died 11 December 1851, 9 years and 3 months old. Robert Logan and Joseph Logan died days apart in 1852. The four Logan siblings lie buried in a row in Old Salem Cemetery in Washington County, Illinois.

In a “List of Members Recorded Into Unity Reformed Presbyterian Church,” Sarah A. Logan became a member 20 April 1853.

Source for “Register of Baptisms in Unity R.P. Church” and “List of Members Recorded Into Unity Reformed Presbyterian Church”: “Old” Bethel Reformed Presbyterian Church 1820…. Eden / Sparta, Illinois, compiled by Jane Boyd, Randolph County [Illinois] Genealogical Society.



The Name’s the Thing

In Albion’s Seed — Four British Folkways in America by David Hackett Fischer, Fischer makes the point that the naming of backcountry children in America (which includes the areas where our Logans lived) was unlike anywhere else in the colonies at the time. “The onomastic customs of these people were unique.” He cites George R. Stewart’s work, American Given Names, to point out the ten most-popular names on backcountry militia lists around 1776. These will look familiar to those of us researching William Logan (1008) and affiliated family branches:

  • John
  • William
  • James
  • Patrick
  • Robert
  • Thomas
  • Charles
  • Samuel
  • Edward
  • Joseph


Some Byars information, Warren County, Tennessee

One of the intriguing places where Byars families — a name closely allied with our Logans — is found is Warren County, Tennessee. We also find numerous Cantrells there. Some of the Cantrell family were affiliated with pioneer Baptist preacher John Hightower in South Carolina, then Hightower and several Cantrells moved to Warren and Logan County, Kentucky, where Hightower worked with Baptist ministers Joseph Logan and Alexander Devin. Later still, some of these SC-KY Cantrells moved to Warren County, Tennessee.

There was a branch of the Dodsons in Warren County, TN, too. The Charles Dodson family, which moved to Warren County, Kentucky (part of which later became Allen County) from South Carolina, as did the Logans. The Dodsons and Logans intermarried in south-central Kentucky and were co-religionists as well as neighbors and friends.

As you can see, I haven’t been able to sort out all these Warren County, Tennessee, threads yet. Is there something to all this or was Warren County, Tennessee, simply an attractive pass-through area and these are coincidental occurrences?

In searching for information, I found the following tidbit in The Dodson Family of Warren County, Tennessee and Allied Families by Catherine Gaffin Lynn. If any of you have done some Logan or Byas/Bias/Byars/Byers work on Warren County, Tennessee, and the tangle of migrations and families, please let us know. We’d be happy to post it. There is additional information in Logan Connections on Nathan Byars, Cantrells, Delphy Logan Byars, Bethells, and more.

James Dodson Evans (Big Jim) m. Dec. 7, 1852 to Drucillah H. Byars b. Oct. 28, 1835 d. March 19, 1909, dau. of Nathan Byars b. Dec. 27, 1808 d. Jan. 12, 1894 and Nancy Hand Byars b. Mar. 12, 1812 d. Sept. 9, 1887. They had 7 children who are listed in Lynn’s book.

I didn’t find any Logans listed in Lynn’s book.

Ragland v. Ragland lawsuit, either Washington or Perry County, Illinois, 1872

This abstract from a Sparta, Randolph County, Illinois newspaper about a Ragland v. Ragland lawsuit contains helpful genealogical information. Washington County, Illinois, is mentioned but some of the Raglands lived in Perry County, Illinois (close to the Perry-Washington County boundary in both cases.) It wasn’t clear from the clipping in which county the lawsuit was filed.

Benjamin Ragland and Nancy, his wife, John Ragland and Patsy, his wife, Elijah Harris and Patsy, his wife, Allen Williams and Catherine, his wife, William Rainey and Harriett, his wife, Hawkins Ragland and Lucinda, his wife, Samuel S. Maxwell and Serilla, his wife, heirs of John Ragland, late of Washington County, deceased.


Moses Jackson, in right of his wife, Nancy, deceased [Jackson children all named], Rebecca Ragland, wife of Joseph T. Ragland, deceased, Briant West and Ruth, his wife, Elizabeth W. Ragland, John Ff. Maxwell and Emily Frances, his wife, Wm. F. Maxwell and Catherine, his wife, George W. Ragland, Zachariah B. Ragland, John L. Ragland, and Hawkins Ragland, heirs of Joseph T. Ragland, deceased.

The Logans and Raglands are connected this way: Nancy Dodson, daughter of Dillingham Dodson and Mahala Logan Dodson, married Benjamin Ragland in Allen County, Kentucky. Mahala Logan was the daughter of Joseph Logan and Anna “Annie” Bias Logan and the sister of Zachariah Logan.

Nancy Dodson Ragland and Benjamin Ragland had a son named Dillingham Ragland. He married Ruth A. Maxwell in Washington County, Illinois. Their son, Benjamin Ragland, mentioned above, was born in Washington County, IL.

Source: “Abstracts from Sparta, Illinois Newspapers,” Branching Out from St. Clair County, Illinois, Volumes 22-24, Marissa Historical and Genealogical Society, Marissa, St. Clair County, Illinois, 1994

“A Bill to Bring Traitors to Trial,” North Carolina, 1782

The Revolutionary War was a civil war, too, especially in the upcountry of North and South Carolina. In 1782, the North Carolina legislature prepared “A Bill to Bring Traitors to Trial.” Among the names of Loyalists branded as traitors is one with Logan ties, Moses Moore (“Moor” in the document), and his son, Benj. Moore (“Moor”).

Despite being one of the signers of the Tryon Resolves in Tryon County, North Carolina, in 1775, Moses Moore ultimately threw in his lot with King and country. In his mind, of course, he was a patriot.

His son, John Moore, was a Loyalist (Tory) leader at the Battle of Ramsour’s Mill.

A daughter, Sarah Moore, married Drury Logan. Another daughter, Hester, married Joshua Roberts. Both Drury Logan and Joshua Roberts chose the other side in the Revolution: the Patriot (Whig) side. Much of the Drury Logan profile in Logan Connections consists of his and Joshua Roberts’ efforts (as well as Joseph Lawrence who married Moses Moore’s other daughter, Ann) to work and litigate to protect their father-in-law’s land and other assets from confiscation. This was no doubt a sometimes unpopular path to tread, but Logan and Roberts’ bona fides as Patriots made their efforts acceptable to some at least, but most importantly, acceptable in the eyes of the law.

Benj. Moore, the other “Moor” named in the bill as a traitor, was Moses Moore’s son. We don’t know much about him, but he was said to be dead by 1785.

The Moores were two of the 36 men charged with Revolutionary War treason in Rutherford County, North Carolina, alone.

The Treaty of Paris, which ended the Revolutionary War, also ended confiscation of Loyalist land and property. At that point, the North Carolina legislature passed “An Act of Pardon and Oblivion.”

Moses Moore ended up a refugee in Spanish West Florida, a haven for Loyalists originally engineered by the British King in what was then British West Florida.

Among the other “traitors” singled out from Rutherford County, North Carolina, who have a connection, although tangential, with some of our Logans are the Bickerstaff or Biggerstaff family. The Biggerstaffs, like the four Logan brothers, William, Joseph, John, and Thomas, were a family with split loyalties who fought at the Battle of Kings Mountain in 1780. The “Bickerstaffs” named in “A Bill to Bring Traitors to Trial” in 1782 were Samuel, Aaron, and Benjamin. Aaron Biggerstaff, a Tory, fought at Kings Mountain. He was said to be mortally wounded, yet his name is on the list of “traitors.” Benjamin Biggerstaff was a Whig / Patriot, by many accounts, yet family tradition has him switching sides during the war as many did, depending on the fortunes of war and their and their families’ best interest. I believe Samuel Biggerstaff was the father — and a Tory.

In a further example of tangled loyalties, John Moore, Tory commander at Ramsour’s Mill and Moses Moore’s son, was a cousin of the Biggerstaffs.

When the Patriots left Kings Mountain after their stunning victory, Loyalist prisoners in tow, they stopped at the Biggerstaff plantation for a drumhead trial of alleged traitors captured at the battle. The selection of the Biggerstaff location was probably not coincidental. Several Loyalists were hanged there before the summary executions were stopped. It’s possible that some or all of the Logan brothers, except Thomas left wounded on the battlefield, witnessed these hangings.

Our thanks to Joe Logan and Dr. A.B. Pruitt for background sources and information.

Sources: Abstracts of Sales of Confiscated Loyalists Land and Property in North Carolina, Dr. A.B. Pruitt, 1989; “A Bill to Bring Traitors to Trial, 1782,” Grace W. Turner, The North Carolina Genealogical Society Journal, Vol. XXVIII, No. 4, Nov. 2002, pages 420-426, researched by Joe Logan.


History Thought of the Day: Revolutionary War

Drury Logan served in the Revolutionary War as did the four Logan brothers, William, Joseph, John, and Thomas. But in backcountry North and South Carolina, where our Logans lived, the war didn’t affect only soldiers and militia. Women and children were impacted as well — by destruction of crops,  livestock, farms, and houses; terror and intimidation; split families, communities, and churches; fleeing as refugees; and, occasionally, torture, wounds, and death. Here’s some “big picture” information about the Revolutionary War:

  • “The dislocated proportion of the American population exceeded that of the French in their revolution.”
  • The economic decline in the U.S. after the Revolutionary war lasted fifteen years. It was “a crisis unmatched until the Great Depression of the 1930s.”
  • “Patriots … kept one-fifth of Americans enslaved.”
  • After the Revolutionary War, “60,000 dispossessed Loyalists became refugees.”
  • “During the revolution, Americans suffered more upheaval than any other American generation, save that which experienced the Civil War of 1861 to 1865.”

Source: American Revolutions — A Continental History, 1750-1804, Alan Taylor, 2016