Our Logans: some significant dates and events

Part One: c. 1709-1799

  • c. 1709: William Logan born
  • 1718-1775: Successive waves of Scot-Irish immigrants arrive in Pennsylvania from Ulster, northern Ireland (150,000 men, women, and children)
  • 1720: Spotsylvania County, Virginia, formed from Essex, King William, and King and Queen counties
  • 1720: Population of American colonies is 475,000 (Boston is largest city: population 12,000; then Philadelphia: 10,000; then New York City: 7,000)
  • 1725: William Logan first appears in court records in Spotsylvania County, Virginia
  • 1743: William Logan’s son, John, born in Spotsylvania County, Virginia
  • 1748: William Logan’s son, also named William, born in Spotsylvania County, VA
  • 1762: Drury Logan born in Halifax County, Virginia
  • 1768: Tryon County, North Carolina, created
  • 1772: New Acquisition (corrected border survey establishes new boundary between North and South Carolina. York County, previously part of Tryon County, North Carolina, is now in South Carolina)
  • 1775: “The shot heard ’round the world” — Lexington and Concord (April)
  • 1775: “Tryon Resolves” drafted and signed, Tryon County, North Carolina (August 14)
  • 1776: Declaration of Independence signed (July 4th)
  • 1776: Cherokee War. William Logan (son of William) serves in Cherokee Expedition under General Rutherford; fights at Battle of Black Hole (near Franklin, NC)
  • 1776: Drury Logan enlists with North Carolina Troops. Serves at various times as militia is called out from 1776 to 1781. At siege of Charleston.
  • 1779: Tryon County disestablished; divided into Lincoln and Rutherford counties, NC
  • 1780: Battle of Kings Mountain, October 7th: 4 Logan brothers, 2 on each side (William and Joseph; John and Thomas)
  • c. 1782: Joanna Cason born. She marries another of our William Logans. This family lives in Edgefield County, South Carolina (established 1785)
  • 1783: Drury Logan marries “Serah Moor” (Sarah Moore), Lincoln County, North Carolina (February 27)
  • 1783: Treaty of Paris: Revolutionary War officially ends (September 3)
  • 1787: Congress enacts Northwest Ordinance
  • 1788: U.S. Constitution ratified replacing Articles of Confederation
  • 1788: South Carolina admitted to statehood
  • 1789: North Carolina admitted to statehood
  • 1789: George Washington inaugurated first U.S. President
  • 1790: First Federal census
  • 1791: Bill of Rights ratified and added to the Constitution
  • 1792: Kentucky admitted to statehood
  • 1796: Tennessee admitted to statehood
  • 1799: Joanna Cason’s sister, Jemima, marries Wyatt Logan, Spotsylvania County, VA
  • 1799: Baptist minister Joseph Logan (of 4 Logan brothers at Kings Mountain, son of William Logan (the first)), living in Pendleton District, South Carolina, receives a Grant South of Green River in Kentucky. Joseph and his extended family move to Warren County, Kentucky.

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